Moving Images

A review of this year’s merriest and brightest video creations

Moving Images

Few things are more reliable during the holiday season than Holiday music everywhere and seasonal advertising that make us ooooh and aaaah.

Whether we laugh out loud or shed a tear, holiday ads are an art form unto themselves that can be used to demonstrate company culture, brand values or simply a little heart that grows three times its size. This year, we’ve taken stock of some of the best holiday ads and why they work so well. Get your hankies!

Theme: Surprise

Why it works: This L.L. Bean tops our list this year for its inventive use of surprise. Incorporating the current brand tagline and positioning is a bonus for this heartfelt gift.

L.L. Bean Ad

Theme: Imagination

Why it works: The British always come out with some of the best holiday “adverts.” This Heathrow Bears spot sprinkles in a bit of magic to demonstrate the central core of the holidays: treasured time with family.

Heathrow Ad

Theme: Magic

Why it works: Another British ad uses a dash of anthropomorphism to show us a winter wonderland from an animal’s perspective. This magical creation has us witnessing the plight of Buster the Boxer and cheering him on, on Christmas morn.

John Lewis

Theme: Community

Why it works: This Macy’s ad shows what happens when you take the time to get to know your neighbors. The dash of melancholy and subsequent reawakening restores our faith in humanity. 

Macys Ad

Theme: Emotion

Why it works: This IKEA ad tugs on our heartstrings like few other commercials this holiday season. Santa’s not the only one watching when you do the right thing.

Happiest of holidays from your festive friends at Adrenaline! 

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