Top-3 Considerations for Large-Scale Digital Signage

Key insights for banking decision-makers as they strive to make the most of a medium that reaches up to 70% of all Americans

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Recent data finds that digital media in public venues reaches 135 million people each week, more than most social media platforms

Even more, digital signage displays reach up to 70% of Americans, with eight out of ten of them entering retail stores after seeing the signage. While that volume depends on population density and foot-traffic patterns, there’s no doubt that digital displays are making their mark. Beyond highly-trafficked spots like Times Square, digital signage is delivering more awareness and driving more consideration for brands every day in markets all across the country. And it’s not just big retail brands getting in on the action.

As financial institutions look at ways to maximize their retail experiences, more of them are leaning into digital signage as a way to elevate and differentiate their brand among their competitors. In addition to traditional in-branch digital screens, more banks are adopting large-scale LED signage that moves the eye from the outside-in; acts as a billboard that announces the bank is there to serve; visually communicates brand values; and establishes expectations for a truly unique branch experience once inside. From artful, high-concept displays to more practical digital billboards, successful digital signage deployment comes from a solid foundation of strong strategy behind the signage.

“Planning a digital signage system is crucial before you buy a single component,” according to advice featured in an article on planning a digital signage system. Even more, while technology is important, it’s not the only – or even the primary – consideration. As outlined in Adrenaline’s article in Digital Signage Today’s “Banks Can Reap Benefits from Solid Digital Signage Strategy,” developing and delivering tailored brand content curated for the audience and customized for the specific screen dimensions is essential to “draw in potential customers and deliver meaningful brand-building messages.” But how do you leverage the full power of this commanding engagement tool?

To make the most of large-format LED displays, we’ve rounded up the top-three considerations for banking decision-makers as they look to influence new prospects and current customers, alike.

1. Understand Technical Specs

Going from design to implementation, it’s critical to know what’s possible within the physical parameters of the space and understand both the possibilities and limitations of the technical tools at your disposal. Making the most of sightlines is the defining characteristic of good digital signage. With LED displays, there’s a balance between the maximum and minimum number of pixels needed for variable viewing distances. For the largest displays facing glass, it’s critical to understand that people will be seeing it outside the branch as well as inside, so the signage needs to not only be viewable, but clear and coherent at multiple vantages.

2. Build a Solid Message Strategy

It’s important to understand that signage is part of an ecosystem of channels that should ladder up to an overarching communication strategy for the brand. Seeing digital signage as separate and siloed from all the other ways a brand communicates will result in a lack of cohesion across channels. The creative strategy for signage is an output of the overall brand strategy. That means that while the content on the large-scale digital signage is tailored to the medium and a specific audience, it will still have a meaningful connection to what the brand stands for.

3. Program the Right Content

The content for large-format displays needs to be commensurate with the spectacular nature of the physical signage itself. That means having a strong creative team ready to develop a powerful visual representation for the brand. This is not a place for static logos or bank promotions; save that for smaller screens inside the branch. Large-scale displays should be artful and impactful, surprising and inspiring. A digital sign of this scale is a significant investment for the organization, so don’t skimp on content. Remember, signage needs dynamic content not only at the launch, but at an ongoing basis, regularly refreshed and relevant.

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