Are ITMs Right for Your Bank? New White Paper Drives Smart Decisions

ITMs: Bridging Digital and Physical Worlds” features facts and figures from first-of-its-kind consumer and financial institution research

Are ITMs Right for Your Bank? New White Paper Drives Smart Decisions Header

When banks and credit unions began deploying Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) in the 2010s, their powerful functionality and balance of experience and efficiency created quite the buzz in the industry.

With a full suite of consumer services, conveniently served up on a self-directed machine, ITMs expanded the way financial institutions think about banking functions and formats. 

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The ITM Promise

Yet, despite their rich potential, ITMs didn’t immediately take off and revolutionize the banking landscape, as some experts expected it could. So, what is it that’s holding the industry back from fully embracing this innovative channel? What we heard from banking and credit union leaders was that they lacked the right information and insights upon which to base smart decisions.

Industry-Leading Research

That’s when we stepped up – to provide the industry what it needed and answer some key questions for banks and credit unions. With the release of our new white paper, you’ll see the results of the two sets of the original research we fielded – a consumer-facing survey on ITM attitudes and industry-leading research spotlighting financial services leaders deploying these hybrid machines.

Banking Best Practices

Along with the full white paper – chock full of fresh data and best practices – you’ll also see a series of thought leadership articles, infographics and video modules. In these segments, we’ll take a deeper dive into key questions for the industry and reveal what the data finds and what the experts say. It’s everything banking leaders like you need to inform better decisions about what this technology can do to drive efficiencies for your institution and the experiences of the customers you serve.

What’s Next?

For more insights on remote delivery and ITM deployment, stay tuned to Adrenaline and our mission-oriented platform Believe in Banking as we track the big trends that are impacting financial services and informing the banking experience. If you’d like to discuss custom ITM solutions for your branch network, we’d love to hear from you. Reach out to us at and we’ll connect you with one of our experts.

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