Financial Wellness: Connecting with Customers in the Branch

A look at banks and credit unions delivering meaningful messages via digital signage to help consumers better navigate their financial lives

Comerica Bank Case Study: Purpose-Driven Prototype

As consumers continue grappling with the economic impacts of pandemic life, financial institutions are playing an even more critical role in providing financial guidance and counseling, along with competitive and personalized products.

In fact, 69% of people who receive advice from their bank act on it, according to data published in Believe in Banking. Especially now, as nearly half of consumers report that financial wellness is their primary goal, banks and credit unions have an opportunity to deepen customer relationships and provide real value to those they serve.

Financial Wellness at Adrenaline

“Behavioral science shows that when it comes to money, small changes can have a big effect,” according to behavioral researchers Richard Mathera and Lindsay Juarez in the Financial Brand article on helping consumers build savings. “When users see their savings account grow, their rates of default plummet, and their financial goals being met, you can bet they’ll be loyal to the bank or credit union that helped them get there.” Like Wells Fargo did with its partnership with Regina King, finding innovative ways to promote a financial wellness message is a true differentiator and a way to make banks or credit unions “sticky” to their customers.

With 44% of consumers self-described as living paycheck-to-paycheck reporting, they’re “extremely” interested in becoming more financially literate, banks and credit unions are perfectly positioned to deliver valuable financial education at the point of need. As consumers across the income spectrum seek trustworthy sources to help them better navigate their financial lives, one channel right inside the branch is often overlooked. While frequently found on websites, ofinancial wellness messages also belong on digital screens in the branch environment, where the power of influence is felt the most.

While web and app-based financial planning tools are important for consumers to use on their own time, many retail banks fail to leverage one of their most readily consumed channels. Although most banks and credit unions use in-branch digital signage networks to promote products and communicate community and marketing messages, they often underutilize those same tools to provide customers with what they say they want most: easy-to-understand financial education. The reasons vary but are often attributed to budgetary constraints or lack of resources to develop and produce relevant content.

The financial wellness content from Adrenaline has been a powerful addition to our branch messaging strategy, allowing us to provide customers with useful financial information through a channel they already enjoy. It further underscores the reality that the branch is a place to go to learn more.”
– Steven Sturm, VP and senior brand strategist for Raleigh, NC-based First Citizens Bank

Needing access to resources, financial institutions are successfully leaning on partner companies to provide fresh, relevant and timely content. Jerry Reese, group account director describes the video modules Adrenaline developed for financial institutions. He says, “Leveraging our deep expertise in retail banking, along with input and guidance from financial industry experts, we developed our financial wellness library to provide clients an easy-to-deploy, seamless tool for engaging and educating their customers on a range of common financial topics.”

The financial wellness library includes tips, infographics, quizzes and trivia, packaged as 20- and 30-second animated spots to maximize customer dwell time. These concise capsules of financial information –covering everything from basic banking services and retirement planning to investing and fraud protection – are easy to comprehend and blend seamlessly into the bank’s existing digital playlist. Using trained staff to support the messaging, financial institutions can make the most of customers or members seeking out advice, expertise and consultation while they’re at the branch.

In an upcoming article on digital signage, we will explore essentials for optimizing messaging strategy for the branch environment. To learn more about developing a financial wellness strategy for banks and credit unions or speak with one of our signage experts, contact us at For insights on brand-to-branch best practices, be sure to visit articles in Adrenaline’s Insights channel and see Believe in Banking as it highlights industry inspiration and successful campaigns in financial services and beyond.

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