Five of Today’s Most Memorable Brand Slogans

Our team’s roundup of today’s best brand slogans and what makes them click with consumers

Toyota advertisement Let's Go Places

Brand Slogans at a Glance:

  • Well-crafted slogans become beloved cultural currency everyone can relate to.  
  • Crafting a catchy slogan helps define your brand and deliver your value proposition.
  • Our top-five contenders include: Capital One, Skittles, Dunkin’, Toyota and State Farm.

Creative approaches to brand advertising spark meaningful consideration for brands. Whether it’s a motto incorporating a company’s mission or a snappy tagline grabbing consumer attention, the best brand slogans have staying power. “Coming up with a catchy slogan or crafting the right tagline that defines your brand and really solidifies it in the minds of your customers is difficult to assign a true value to,” says Ryan Robinson in Adobe Express. The most memorable slogans drive significant ad spend because they so successfully “capture the attention of new consumers.” But it’s not just new customers that matter. Well-crafted slogans become beloved cultural currency everyone can relate to.   

As a brand experience company, our team is always on the lookout for creative advertising and ways brands stand out. A few years back, we completed a roundup of brand slogans that resonate. At the time, people, power, and passion were the driving forces for creating emotional connections. “The brand slogans are both concise and creative, conveying some quality that beats to the heart of the brand,” said Adrenaline’s Linda Bennett. In revisiting brand slogans for 2023, we did some informal polling to take the pulse of people’s favorite brand slogans today. What we found were some strong opinions – almost as strong as Dunkin’s coffee – and considerable consensus on the best of the best.

1) Capital One: What’s in Your Wallet?

With a brand statement that’s catchy and memorable, Capital One’s “What’s in Your Wallet?” features a rotating cast of characters expounding on the consumer-first qualities of the brand’s credit cards. The slogan is flexible enough to use for any number of new products – the Venture card’s travel miles and Quicksilver’s cash back, as just two examples – providing the brand with ample opportunity to employ the brand slogan well into the future. Our favorite spots featured the inimitable Jennifer Garner, with Samuel L. Jackson’s smooth persona coming in a close second.

2) Skittles: Taste the Rainbow

Known for weird and wacky ads populated with quirky characters, Skittles also embraces a flexible tagline approach, albeit one with a somewhat surrealist style, giving them a unique platform for brand advertising for decades. Used in some iteration since 1994, “Taste the Rainbow” is now being slightly altered to fit with new advertising concepts. But whether it’s “Touch the Rainbow,” “Create the Rainbow” or “Taste the Rainbow,” one thing is clear: the eccentricity of the characters and the campaign is what makes it effective. Being a little ‘out there’ works for this brand, appealing to Gen Y, Gen Z and Gen A in equal measure.

Skittles taste the rainbow brand advertisement

3) Dunkin’: America Runs on Dunkin’

With their array of delicious donuts and signature coffee – that they somehow know how to get just right – more than a few of our staff members run on Dunkin’. The catchy slogan that got a shoutout in our Super Bowl roundup this year, “America Runs on Dunkin’” has been going strong since 2006, shifting the spotlight from a primarily donut-based business to a quick service restaurant with a wider array of menu options, most especially their beloved coffee which has achieved almost a cult-like following the Northeast. With an Adrenaline office based in New Hampshire, we’re admittedly devoted to Dunkin’s particular brand of go-juice.  

4) Toyota: Let’s Go Places

Leveraging a smart value proposition right in its slogan, Toyotas can literally and figuratively go places, and take you where you want to go in style. Used since 2012, “Let’s Go Places” replaced “Moving Forward” to reflect the company’s expanding fleet of vehicles and incorporate a more aspirational tone and lifestyle. Officially known as the brand’s tagline, “Let’s Go Places is the verbal expression that captures the essence of the Toyota brand,” according to Toyota’s website. “It’s the enduring spirit that inspires people to live life to the fullest, whatever their adventures may be and wherever they may take them.”

Toyota advertisement Lets Go Places

5) State Farm: Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is There

Who doesn’t love Jake from State Farm? With his signature khakis and iconic red shirt, Jake is a household name, a friendly neighbor who is there to help you whenever you need him. Since 1971, the insurance company has been using “Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is There” in its advertising, positioning the company as a reliable ally of consumers across the country. But it wasn’t until 2011 that State Farm introduced Jake as the personification of that friendly support. The character – who some people call a mascot (what?) – is found in subtly ridiculous scenarios where he undoubtedly has the right answers. What a way to show the value of a good neighbor with humor and wit.  

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