ITM Success Strategies and Use Cases

A best practices banking report by Adrenaline and NCR Voyix

ITM Banking report

ITMs represent both a challenge and an opportunity for financial institutions of all sizes

With nearly half of banks expanding enhanced self-service technology, is your bank ITM ready? As banks and credit unions work to deploy ITMs across their networks, institutions must address staffing, adoption, and technical considerations to make the most of this increasingly influential banking channel.

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To learn more about creating successful strategies for ITMs, Adrenaline conducted in-depth interviews with two major ITM manufacturers and key leaders from five community banking institutions of varying sizes and regional footprints that have successfully implemented enhanced self-service technologies across their retail networks.

Statistics about ITM Banking

This research explores the different drivers and challenges that banks and credit unions are solving for with ITM banking and brings forward their advice and lessons learned during the process of deploying enhanced self-service options at their financial institutions.

In this report, you’ll learn how to:

  • Define your organization’s self-service objectives
  • Understand key strategic steps in ITM implementation
  • Explore considerations like staffing and core integration
  • Dig into customer adoption and employee advocacy
  • Apply insights from financial institutions with successful ITM deployments

Download ITM Success Strategies and Use Cases: A Best Practices Banking Report for valuable insights about optimizing enhanced self-service as an essential part of the modern consumer banking experience.

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