Find the Heart of the Holidays in Shared Experiences

Tapping into the spirit of the season with this year’s most enchanting and expressive ads

Adrenaline Holiday Ad Review

Not quite in the holiday spirit this year? Maybe you haven’t seen enough ads.

May sound crazy, but Ad Age did report brand spending on holiday advertising is lower than previous years thanks to a shorter season. While we’re not saying this shortage is cause for a sagging spirit, we did see fewer ads in surveying the brand landscape for our annual roundup. But fear not! What may be lacking in quantity, this year’s ads more than make up for it in quality. In fact, all of the seasonal spots have one compelling commonality this year: It’s our human experiences that bring us together and make our spirits bright. 


Campaign: Holiday – The Surprise

Experience: This ad shows all of the realities of the holidays – the tiresome travel, the family frustrations, the sometimes strained relationships, and no small dose of winter melancholy. Yet, just when you chalk up this holiday as one to gladly put behind you, here comes Apple to show you that regardless of its shortcomings, the season is still full of magic that can cast its spell on young and old alike, with just a little help from technology to make someone’s holiday.

Adrenaline Holiday Ad Review

Cost Plus World Market

Campaign: Find Your Tradition

Experience: This seasonal spot reminds us how much family tradition can mean. Here, a father wants to share with his kids the magic of his own childhood experiences getting a tree from the same spot he and his grandfather went every year on their annual pilgrimage. When the family arrives they find time has moved on and Santa’s Lane is now closed. This ad reminds us that while the holidays always stir up memories of Christmas past, it’s never too late to create new traditions.

Adrenaline Holiday Ad Review


Campaign: Goodbye Holiday Hosting Stress

Experience: Just when you’re about to invest in Kleenex, this funny Walmart ad comes to your emotional rescue. Proving that our holiday experiences don’t have to be full of frustration, this hostess shows us magic moments can be created even if they’re not all homemade. With her stoic sidekick Mr. Mongoose giving her the side eye, our holiday heroine enjoys mixing and mingling with her guests rather than suffering and sweating over perfection. Don’t worry, Mr. Mongoose will keep your secrets. 

Adrenaline Holiday Ad Review


Campaign: The Book of Dreams

Experience: Who says rock and roll dreams don’t come true? In this amazing ad custom made for Generation X and their kids, a dad reawakens his long lost dream of youth for rock and roll stardom, when he sees his daughter has circled a set of drums in the Argos Book of Dreams. With a soundtrack serving as an anthem of youth, dad and daughter come together to create magical memories through the power of a love for music. 

Adrenaline Holiday Ad Review

And that’s a wrap!
Here’s hoping you have meaningful and memorable experiences during this holiday season. Happiest of holidays from your festive friends at Adrenaline! 

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