Citizens National Bank: A More Personal Banking Experience

Located across Texas, Citizens National Bank (CNB) prides itself on being an independent community bank that offers incredible customer service and gives its customers the latest in banking technology.


We helped the organization elevate that service offering even more by helping its customers and employees connect better, refreshing and reimagining its brand across its branch network.

A Texas-Sized Opportunity

After years without any notable branch or brand updates, Citizens National Bank had begun to experience lower consideration from retail and commercial customers. As competition in the market increased, CNB felt they needed to upgrade their brand experience across its network. This upgrade would allow them to service their customers more effectively, and build a more personal and meaningful connection between the brand and the community. 

Branching Out for Better

The branch network upgrade initiative involved two clear objectives. First, the company wanted to reemphasize its brand look and feel to create more buzz and reverse any negative trends. Secondly, CNB sought a way to embrace and promote the concept of the Universal Banker. By introducing Universal Banking, they could introduce physical changes to the branch network and force cultural change. 

Citizen National Bank Interior

Totally In the zone(s)

From ideation through implementation, we crafted a unique customer journey for CNB. This journey included planned zones and paths, allowing customers to experience the physical space within the branch in a carefully considered and controlled way. By removing traditional teller lines, introducing Universal Bankers, and celebrating an open floor plan, employees were instantly connected with the customers they served.


Adrenaline enhanced what we had in ways that we would never have thought about doing.”
– Brad Tidwell, CEO of CNB.

Connections Made

By designing a more holistic branch delivery model, CNB employees and customers were better able to connect in a more energized, modernized, and relationship-friendly manner. After rollout and implementation, market consideration for CNB solidified due to increased personal interaction.    

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