Amplifying Sensorial Elements in Spaces

Forward-thinking companies are using a strategic approach to appeal to all five senses which results in more engagement and memorable moments within a space.


A recent article in Alabama Construction News featured Adrenaline’s own Adam Huxhold discussing the importance of appealing to the senses to create memorable experiences for consumers across countless retail settings.

In Brand Sense – Build Powerful Brands through Touch, Taste, Smell, Sight, and Sound, author Martin Lindstrom explores how the best brands are embracing sensorial strategy to create holistic sensory and emotional experiences for consumers. Companies like Starbucks, Apple, Disney, Mercedes Benz, and Tiffany are among the top-10 brands emplying sensorial marketing strategies, according to Lindstrom. But you don’t have to be a brand giant to fully embrace sensorial elements.

“The more senses that you influence in a positive way, the more likely your brand will be remembered,” according to Huxhold. Whether it’s sight, sound, scent, touch or taste, brands that are able to touch on more senses will have greater memorability in the consumer’s mind and greater brand engagement within a physical space. Restaurants, for example, have an opportunity to engage in all of the sensory elements – good lighting, pleasing music, good scents from the kitchen, high quality linens and dishware, and, of course, tasty food. Even if you are operating a retail space, meticulous planning for how the space will function is central to how successful the store will be.

The more senses that you influence in a positive way, the more likely your brand will be remembered”
– Adam Huxhold

Despite what may seem like a sense of ease to the user or customer within a space, Huxhold says, “These sensorial experiences aren’t the result of luck; they are intentionally planned and deployed to delight consumers on several sensorial levels and engage and immerse customers in an experience within a physical location.” That’s why our experience design takes a strategic approach to planning by understanding the audience and how they will interact within the space. We work hand-in-hand with architects and contractors, baking in that strategy at the outset and collaborating throughout the construction process to create a meaningful customer journey. The end result is the creation of curated spaces that enhance form, function and feeling.


Read more about our sensorial approach  in Alabama Construction News’ bi-monthly publication, and keep your eyes peeled for our article to be featured nationally in Construction Executive in the coming months. To learn more about our sensorial approach to experience design, contact Adam Huxhold.

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