Advertising Grabs Those Summer Vibes

Tapping into the season’s most refreshing campaigns

Advertising Grabs Those Summer Vibes

We all know about the hyped summer season for blockbuster movies – a time when studios release their crowd-pleasing box office fare.

But what about the summer season for brand advertising? Many in consumer marketing may assume their audiences are off sipping piña coladas on the beach and don’t place a lot of stock in reaching them during these lazy, hazy days. But for some brands, this heated season is really their chance to shine. Like a Hawaiian shirt on Casual Friday, summer is one of the best times for brands to lighten up and show their playful side. From soda to sunglasses, let’s take a look at the blockbusters that advertisers around the country have been busily cooking up for the summer.


Assessment: Best Use of Summer Themes
Campaign: Summer or Nothing
Commentary: International clothing brand Superdry wants your summer to be epic. In its new campaign Summer or Nothing, you’ll see young people basking in those summer rays. Understanding that the season is fleeting, the brand is using summer spirit as a way to create an even stronger connection with their Gen Y (and Z) audiences. From cliff jumping and pool parties to convertible rides along the coast and late night underground parties, the ad is a visual feast of summer vignettes and colorful graphics that pop off the screen. Amplified with music by the international indie band Polen, the song “Drop the Line” provides the perfect soundtrack for your summer adventure.


Assessment: Best Use of Engagement
Campaign: Pepsi Summergram
Commentary: One of the most innovative partnerships of the summer, Pepsi’s collaboration with Instagram, Chrissy Teigen and DJ Khaled uses a summer theme as a refreshing way to engage their audiences. The Summergram campaign incorporates themed graphics and QR codes on 200 million bottles of Pepsi, Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Zero Sugar. Using a smartphone camera, consumers can scan the codes to automatically launch an Instagram Story where augmented reality (AR) filters materialize. Whether it’s a pool float, a roller coaster or a dancing crab, Pepsi is looking to capitalize on people’s  ongoing quest for those #summervibes. 

Check out Pepsi’s Instagram ad.


Assessment: Best Use of Destination
Campaign: Mona Lisa
Commentary: Who wouldn’t want to get out and experience summer in Paris? After spending every day behind the painting smirking at gawking onlookers, Mona Lisa finally breaks free to go out to grab her little piece of the City of Light. In this magical ad, Mona Lisa sheds her robes to take on a modern persona, complete with a new ‘do, fun sunglasses and bright fast fashion. She takes part in a late night art parties, dances along with a drum circle in the Métro, refuels with Perrier, rides away on a scooter and becomes Insta famous due to her risk-taking, outrageous nature. Mona Lisa living her best Parisian life is a little slice of bubbly escapism that Perrier hopes you won’t soon forget.

Advertising Grabs Those Summer Vibes


Assessment: Best Use of Adrenaline
Campaign: See it in Prizm
Commentary: Normally when you think of sports – extreme or otherwise – you might not automatically think of eyewear, but this summer Oakley is showing you another view. The company’s new campaign for its Prizm line takes you behind the glasses to see what drives pro and amateur athletes to the brink of obsession. From skydiving and extreme skateboarding to surfing and beach volleyball, the eyewear brand is sticking a stake in the summer sand and grabbing its audience with a soaring and breathtaking look at sports. Fast cuts of video with no fear participants doing crazy stunts and a bass-thumping soundtrack announces the arrival of Oakley in the sports advertising hall-of-fame.

Advertising Grabs Those Summer Vibes

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