Highlighting History in a Community Bank Branch

The Scenario

Wauchula State Bank sought to replicate the success of their business lounge experience from a previous prototype designed by Adrenaline and modify it for a new growth location in downtown Lakeland, Florida. To be successful, the new branch needed to incorporate historical characteristics of the building, while infusing the distinctive Wauchula brand experience inside. 

The Solution

To address the functional requirements of the branch, Adrenaline took the existing operating model and adapted it to the new branch’s shell, implementing Wauchula’s signature business lounge and retail experience into the new branch. Brand elements were modified to remain relevant, while working with the history of the building and spotlighting the local Lakeland community.

The Story

The design and implementation of Wauchula’s banking experience at the Lakeland branch represents a thoughtful, cohesive design approach. From construction to graphics and millwork to furniture, the branch is a seamless fusion of classic components and modern appeal creating a unique banking experience for this Florida-based brand.  

The existing space had a brick shell on the interior that Adrenaline’s design and construction teams restored. The Wauchula logo was then overlaid as a master graphic on top of the brick, augmented with dimensional lettering spelling out the “Lakeland” location. The end result is a layered composition that authentically represents the building, the brand and the history of the area.

Lakeland focal wall

The original tin ceiling ran through half of the existing space. This historic element was a favorite feature, so the team reestablished that aesthetic. The design called for adding in more modern light fixtures and office storefronts from the previous prototype, resulting in a powerful pairing of brand experience with the building’s history.

With such a large expanse of brick on the wall and a tin ceiling, acoustics in the space became a concern. Wauchula’s prototype branch features a large local map, so the team used the same concept, but fabricated it in layered felt to represent the Lakeland area. This innovative solution incorporated the same localization as the prototype, but used sound absorbent materials to dampen echoes.

wauchula state bank interior

Another local element was the modification of the wood focal wall behind the concierge station. Beginning in the late 1800s, the city of Lakeland was renowned for its leading role in the U.S. strawberry industry. Inspired by this legacy, the team specified a wood material for this location’s focal wall that replicates the woven baskets used to hold strawberries.

bank conference room

For the board room, the client requested a local artist to create a live-edge conference table. Adrenaline’s design team worked closely with the artist to ensure the table was properly scaled. To compliment the sculptural wood table in the conference space, the design team had custom graphics created by burning imagery of local landmarks into wood pieces for display on the wall.

Wauchula State Bank Lakeland ATM

With a growing business community and local economy, the Lakeland location offered an opportunity for Wauchula to establish itself as a neighborhood banking provider with deep Florida roots. As a partner on both the Winter Haven business lounge prototype and the Lakeland retail branch, we’re excited to see where the bank grows next.

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