Constructing a Texas-Sized Presence

Third Coast Bank Corporate Space

The Scenario:

When a relationship-oriented community bank was expanding their reach into San Antonio, they sought out a partner to navigate a complex set of priorities within a newly constructed building. Third Coast Bank had big plans for their first retail presence in this market, just a stone’s throw from downtown San Antonio, but they also had specific needs for their corporate offices on the building’s upper floors. To make the most of their new location, Third Coast needed a design and construction expert to help move the project along and ensure the landlord’s scope and delivery for building out the space would suitably align with the bank’s design.

Third Coast Bank Construction Design

The Solution:

Just after signing a lease, Third Coast Bank engaged the brand experience leaders at Adrenaline to help manage the intricacies of fit-out construction for 2,500 square feet of retail and 18,000 square feet of office space within the new building in San Antonio. Adrenaline acted as designer and construction manager on this multifaceted project and stepped up to assist with landlord communications throughout the construction process to ensure the bank would receive all the benefits they were due per their lease agreement.

The Story:

In the early stages of the project, Third Coast leveraged Adrenaline’s deep knowledge for interpreting lease and purchase agreements and analyzing and communicating cost and timing implications for construction. This essential skill is why clients often seek support for real estate and site assessment planning during the feasibility period of their lease or purchase.

Third Coast Bank Construction Design

Once construction began, the team worked closely with the property owner’s subcontractors, helping define the building systems that would affect Third Coast’s spaces. The San Antonio location construction was exceptionally complicated, as the tenant fit-out planning was already complete and ready to be built before the landlord was even finished constructing the shell space.

When Adrenaline began the fit-out process, there were no perimeter windows installed and the building’s mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems were yet to be designed. Another prominent physical hurdle to overcome within the space was the slanted roofline on the upper floor, and the varying heights of the perimeter glazing.

Third Coast was committed to maximizing views throughout the space for their team members, so Adrenaline designed custom glass partitions to enclose offices around the perimeter.

Bank Office Design
Third Coast Bank Office Design

All of the 20+ offices were designed and built in such a way to guarantee that every employee had a view. Branded privacy treatments were installed to create necessary confidentiality in offices without blocking views.

With so much dramatic glass in the design, it was essential to incorporate acoustical treatments into the space, balance the HVAC system for the many varying temperature zones, and develop and install a custom window shade system to manage the afternoon sun.

To create a real point of presence in the market, Adrenaline amplified Third Coast’s brand projection through prominent master signage installed on the top floor of the building.

Third Coast Bank Signage

On the retail side, the branch radiates a premium aesthetic that is reflective of the commercial and wealth management services Third Coast offers. The branch environment cohesively brings their brand experience and ethos to life in a public-facing retail footprint.

Retail bank design example

The San Antonio location was Adrenaline’s second design and construction project for Third Coast Bank. Adrenaline worked collaboratively across service towers to ensure that Third Coast’s recently revised brand positioning would be effectively and efficiently incorporated into the retail and office environments.

Conference room at Third Coast Bank

Ultimately, Adrenaline designed and delivered branded spaces for Third Coast Bank that are an optimal outcome of effective strategy and design work, while overcoming significant hurdles, to meet the expected and established timeline for market launch.

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