Evolving to Everwise: Crafting a Confident Brand

The Scenario:

When the storied Teachers Credit Union in Indiana had grown to become the largest credit union in the state – but still had the reputation for only serving educators and their families – they knew they needed a change. The financial services leader sought a refreshed brand to deepen membership connections, appeal to prospective new members and differentiate their organization and offerings from their competition.

The Solution:

Leveraging Adrenaline’s expertise in strategic branding helped the credit union build on a deeper people-first purpose with a distinct new name, well-crafted brand strategy, and meaningful brand story that spotlights their lived values. The new Everwise Credit Union brand provides a platform for embodying their mission to empower everyone the credit union serves and deliver financial well-being for all.

The Story:

Given the challenges of operating with a legacy name that communicated how the credit union once served, the communications and leadership teams at Teachers Credit Union knew they needed to address the inherent limitations of their brand name.

As an interim solution before initiating a full rebrand, leadership thought some of their challenges could be solved by shortening their name and using the TCU acronym. But they found this shorthand actually caused additional issues with ownability and consumer confusion, since there was a well-known TCU already in existence – in the form of Texas Christian University, a college with a popular and successful football franchise.

Ultimately, the credit union needed a name and a brand they could own and rally around. A partnership with Adrenaline offered them just that.

Growing up in Indiana, Teachers Credit Union was literally a household name. As we addressed the challenges of our name, we knew our new brand had to respect how well-known TCU was in the market. But at the same time, we wanted to pump some new energy into the brand.”
– Dan Rousseve, Chief Information Officer, Everwise Credit Union

The rebranding team solved the ownability challenges of Teacher’s Credit Union and TCU by crafting a name that would bring the credit union’s core values to the forefront. The new Everwise name was born, providing the credit union with a simple yet powerful foundation that stands out and connects with all of their audiences to support the brand’s future growth.

The new Everwise brand spotlights how the credit union puts people above all else, empowering everyone with the tools they need to get ahead and pave the path toward their financial futures.

Supplemented with a tagline – Confidence Changes Everything – the Everwise story becomes memorable for both the market and members, alike, and is something on which future campaigns can be built. It’s an internal rallying cry and an external promise, all at the same time.

As a financial institution founded to support teachers in our local community, we have education at our core. The Everwise name shows that when people are given the right resources and support, they can achieve their financial dreams.”
– Angie Dvorak, Chief Marketing & Growth Officer, Everwise Credit Union

The vibrant Everwise visual expression conveys wisdom, strength, and enlightenment, with a nod toward transformation and innovation. The Everwise purple is the cornerstone of the brand, complemented by a sophisticated array of eye-catching accents and warm neutral colors. The brand system works together to build a diverse set of dynamic patterns, which form an unmistakable visual brand.

Everwise credit card designs
We love the bold new look and the confidence that it instills in our employees and members. We are certain that our credit union has a solid future ahead because of our rebrand.”
– Angie Dvorak, Chief Marketing & Growth Officer, Everwise Credit Union

With purpose positioned solidly at the center of the new brand, Everwise Credit Union confidently communicates their core belief that everyone deserves to grow into their dreams. Following a holistic research and persona program, the possibilities of the new Everwise brand began to come into focus.

Impactful brand marketing programs demonstrate just how Everwise puts people’s needs first. Marketing messages communicate how no matter where people are in their journey, the credit union meets members where they are and equips them with the confidence and tools they need to get ahead – wherever they’re going.

With a powerful partnership built on trust, Everwise and Adrenaline are currently in the process of transforming and updating the credit union’s network of nearly 60 branches with the new brand.

The move to Everwise advances our mission. We’ve always championed financial empowerment and well-being for our members and communities, and this is the next step in our evolution.”
– Jason M. Osterhage, President & Chief Executive Officer, Everwise Credit Union

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