Bonvenu: A Good Welcome for A Distinctive Brand

Bonvenu Bank Logo

The Scenario:

A Louisiana-based community bank with a legacy name and a history of strong service in Shreveport and Bossier City had recently grown into New Orleans. As the bank eyed even more expansion, their current name proved to be a barrier to growth.

With six other banks with “citizens” in their name already operating in Louisiana, the bank needed a more ownable brand and platform for growth to reflect their regional soul, while positioning them for new relevance with new audiences.

Rebranded bank logo before and after Bonvenu Bank

The Solution:

Drawing on Adrenaline’s deep proficiency in strategic bank branding, Citizens National Bank completed a holistic evaluation of their current brand and implemented a rebranding process that included brand strategy, naming and positioning, and identity building.

Inspired by regional roots, the name Bonvenu is a modern mashup of “bon” (the French word for good) and “bienvenue” (the French phrase for welcome). The “Built to Be Here” positioning communicates commitment to customers and community and speaks to the energy of the region. The new Bonvenu Bank provides a good welcome from a brand that’s alive with a vibrant Louisiana spirit.

Bonvenu Bank Billboard

The Story:

Needing to expand their relevance and reach, Citizens National Bank was at a crossroads. The bank needed differentiation to create a sharper contrast between themselves and their competitors to win more business. They also wanted a brand to support a high-engagement culture that enabled them to attract and retain exceptional local talent.

Assessing the marketplace was the first step in the rebranding process. Using detailed retail audience insights, it became clear a that businesses and customers are working hard towards a brighter future and are looking for a local partner invested in their growth.

Market analysis showed a population on the move, impacted by a regular cycle of natural disasters, but strong investment and strategic development projects were supporting the region’s growth.

The competitive analysis revealed ample opportunity to serve markets – resilient, culturally rich places that come together and thrive in the face of adversity.

The new Bonvenu brand reflects a regional character of strength and optimism, empowering the bank to stand out amongst competitors and demonstrate a promise for building stronger communities together. 

The name Bonvenu is an invitation to neighbors, friends, families, and businesses to experience a different, more personal and purposeful kind of banking.

Bonvenu Bank Branding

With their deeply rooted values, Bonvenu’s heart for service and optimism for the future provide a strong foundation for a brand that is built to be here.

By implementing a more streamlined approach to messaging and visual design, Bonvenu Bank’s marketing can now make more impact and drive more business growth.

The new Bonvenu Bank brand elevates branch environments and creates beacons of welcome.

As a modern community brand, Bonvenu Bank reflects the places and people they serve as a banking partner committed to building stronger, more prosperous communities.

The new brand represents the Louisiana we embrace. It stands out by expressing all we stand for, welcoming our customers’ vision, and differentiating us throughout the state and wherever we go next.”
– Jason D. Smith, President, CEO, Bonvenu Bank

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