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October 25, 2018 – A new series of features in Authority Magazine takes on the role of soothsayer for the retail sector. By interviewing a collection of retail and brand leaders, “The Future of Retail Over the Next Five Years” learns best practices and predictions from those with sweeping experience and influence in the branding and consumer retail fields.  In addition to their forecasts for the future, the wide-ranging interviews look at leaders’ journeys in their respective fields and what is meaningful and motivating in their daily work. In an illuminating interview, Adrenaline’s CXO, Gina Bleedorn, sat down with author and retail thought leader, Aaron Weiner. 

When asked what she thinks makes Adrenaline special, Gina Bleedorn says, “I think what makes us stand out is the way we consider experiences from virtual to physical and focus on bringing them to life in a real way; it’s our ability to not just conceptualize them, but really to bring to life in the real world. A good example of that is when we were bidding for work with a big national brokerage firm mostly known in the online arena. When they were putting together a physical network of stores, we were competing against the company that designed the Apple Stores and other major design companies. We won the business because we understood how to make their experiences real.”

In today’s competitive environment, brands are looking for a way to create meaningful connections in the real world. Gina Bleedorn goes on to describe how Adrenaline’s value as a company is its understanding of the practical implications of a brand’s retail design and how to implement a strategy into the real environment.  She says, “That means recommending technologies that exist, thinking about how employees will actually interact in this physical space, and knowing how to actually create the things that we imagined.” With the example of the online brokerage, she says, “Ultimately, that’s why we won the business, because we were true to our value proposition — experiences made real.” 

Find out Gina’s thought-provoking predictions for what to expect from retail over the next five years – including the rise of service retail and even more hybrids between the online and physical world – in the October 22 edition of Authority. Also look for Gina’s insights on the retail sector in an upcoming BuzzFeed article on the topic. Authority Magazine shares empowering and actionable interviews of people who are authorities and leaders in their respective industries. 

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