Sean Keathley

Chief Executive Officer
Sean Keathley headshot in black and white

As CEO of Adrenaline, Sean’s dynamic leadership ensures the company is in a prime position to drive company growth, and to support brands and businesses as they move ahead.

He brings to his role deep and wide experience in management, marketing, business development, finance, and client relations; and successfully led Adrenaline’s managed buy-out in 2018. Working in partnership with companies across financial services—and with a focus on the community banking sector—Sean takes pride in overseeing the integrated delivery of brand experience programs that accelerate growth and build competitive advantage, ultimately strengthening organizations and the people and communities they serve. A renowned thought leader, Sean speaks at the financial industry’s leading conferences and serves as co-host of the award-winning Believe in Banking Podcast. He lives in Atlanta with his wife and two active sons and enjoys attending sporting events of all stripes and seasons. 

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