Thought Leadership and The Power of Sharing

Wednesday, October 2, 2019 – In a new series of features in Thrive Global and Authority Magazine, Adrenaline’s president and CEO Sean Keathley is interviewed for his insights on the rise of thought leadership in growing a successful business through industry expertise. One of the first companies to bring together retail design, implementation, branding, and analytics, Adrenaline is known as the leading expert in crafting multi-sensory consumer experiences. Sean’s unique take on sharing company assets and betting big on the human side of brands has provided a guiding hand for a company that has blazed a trail in experience design.

I don’t think you can truly be a thought leader if you’re constantly hustling, looking for a way to have it become a lucrative business model for you. True thought leaders become that way because they feel inspired to learn, grow and share.”
– Sean Keathley

On thought leadership, Sean outlines his process for listening first instead of talking. He says, “I think to be an effective thought leader of any measure you must first be committed to listening and learning. We listen to our client’s challenges. We pay attention to movements in their markets and we try to help them solve their problems with our insights and distinct set of skills.” Sean models a unique blend of active listening and innate curiosity for his team. He says, “In the industries we work in – financial, retail, and healthcare – we’re really passionate about what’s happening in them.” 

Describing what thought leadership has meant for the company, Sean says, “Especially in the financial industry, we have really become prognosticators of what’s coming next, and I think that’s because we are so attuned.” With a focus on the human side of brands, the company is leading the charge in revolutionizing brand experiences for consumers. He says, “Right now, there are a lot of tailwinds making people think about the work we do – how brands create authentic connections – which just means that we were right in predicting what was going to happen next.”

Discover more of Sean’s thought-provoking insights including his top-5 thought leadership strategies and the power of evangelizing over influencing in the September 19 editions of Thrive Global and Authority Magazine. Thrive Global is a multimedia venture launched by Arianna Huffington with a mission to help individuals, companies and communities improve their well-being and performance and unlock their greatest potential. Authority Magazine shares empowering interviews and actionable insights of people who are authorities and leaders in their respective industries. 

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