Supporting Banks and Credit Unions during COVID Crisis, Adrenaline Launches Believe in Banking

Mission-oriented platform features timely information and insights to help financial institutions of all sizes navigate the crisis and emerge stronger for it

Tuesday, May 5, 2020 – As an essential pillar of our society, banking is facing a unique and unprecedented challenge during the Coronavirus crisis. With financial institutions charged with continuing consumer accessibility and economic stability during the pandemic and beyond, banks and credit unions must make informed decisions in a constantly changing landscape. Seeing a pressing need for curated and current information grounded with expert and responsive counsel, Adrenaline launched Believe in Banking just weeks following the outbreak.  

Sean Keathley, Adrenaline’s President and CEO, says, “Working with banking clients every day, we immediately recognized the need for a robust response to Coronavirus from banking and credit union communities. We wanted to find a way to support financial institutions during this time in a coordinated and consultative way. Believe in Banking adds a needed voice to this vital conversation at this crucial moment.” A seasoned consultancy and solution provider, Adrenaline wanted to use its influence in financial services to provide needed resources to banks and credit unions striving to respond.  

Gina Bleedorn, Adrenaline’s Chief Experience Officer, says, “It was important to us to bring people together – decision-makers, influencers, and industry leaders – responding to Covid. With Believe in Banking, we’re not only a clearinghouse of information – although we constantly assess the landscape – we’re also engaging in the issues facing financial services and as banks work to react now and reopen soon.” The platform includes best practices and industry insights from inside and outside financial services, including segments like Ask an Expert, Outside View and Believe in Data, among others. 

Believe in Banking goes live on Tuesday, May 5, 2020. Powered by the experts at Adrenaline, the site is empowering the financial industry in their mission to make a meaningful impact on overcoming the current crisis and advancing a better future for all. We’d love to hear your thoughts about Believe in Banking. Email and be sure to follow our social channels to keep the conversations going on Facebook, TwitterLinkedIn, and Instagram.

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