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Tech tools can solve a whole host of problems for banks and brands, but knowing why you’re using them is crucial in experience design.

Thursday, June 15, 2017  –  Last week, Sean Keathley’s thoughts on the role of technology in experience design were featured in The Financial Brand. While tech tools can help bank branches and other retail brands solve for modern-day challenges in this disrupted era, smart deployment of that technology is key. Technology alone will never solve bigger experiential problems. Sean says tech doesn’t exist in a silo, “We far too frequently see technology deployed for technology’s sake without a sound purpose or strategy… The secret to using technology wisely is to back into it – first ask why, and then solve the “why” with a technological solution.”  

When improperly implemented, tech can actually be a turn-off. Customers faced with gadgets and gizmos when what they really want is the human touch can make an experience feel cold and off-putting. Understanding the customer journey is inherent to using tech in a smart, strategic way. There are no shortcuts with technology. If you’re deploying tech to solve one specific problem, you’re doing it wrong. Sean says, “For example, mobile devices on display with no unique in-branch content or staff training on what to do with them will not be used.” Further, these devices will be an unwanted distraction to the experience you are creating for customers.

The bottom line is to look at the experience you’re trying to build and how technology drives along that customer map. Technology can be an exciting attraction or an unexpected pit-stop. With banks, Sean says, “Most critically, the branch’s user experience must leave customers with an impression – one that is unique to you and communicates what is different about your products, services and approach to banking.” So creating a meaningful customer experience through brand meaning must be solved for first, then tech can be integrated to make that journey enlightening and engaging. 

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