Panel on Retail Solutions for Real-World Reopening

Juliet D’Ambrosio, Adrenaline’s Senior Director of Strategy, moderates panel of experts in Retail Design Institute’s “Reopening: Intentional Adaptive Responses from Industry Leaders”

Tuesday, June 30, 2020 – On Thursday, June 25, Adrenaline’s Juliet D’Ambrosio a panel of retail design experts that explored retail solutions to the global pandemic designed and deployed by agencies, strategic partners, suppliers, and brands. In Retail Design Institute’s Reopening: Intentional Adaptive Responses from Industry Leaders, retail experts gave real-world innovative solutions to unprecedented challenges in our new pandemic-infused era. From safety solutions to new opportunities, the panelists provided their perspectives on how the industry immediately adapted and the longer-term implications on retail design.

Adrenaline’s Juliet D’Ambrosio shared the key insights from the panel. She says, “This expert panel focused on how retail design responds – how it adapts in the immediate sense and how it will shift for the future, with hands-on examples that were illuminating. The thing I found the most interesting were responses to the question about the pandemic’s hidden gifts. Each panelist spoke to that question personally, then professionally and the consensus is that it’s an accelerate to many, many big trends that were already present in the marketplace before, especially around the confluence of or integration of digital into the physical environment.”

Describing how retail is making deeper, data-based decisions, Juliet found the panelists’ insights particularly inspiring. She says, “The thing that came shining through is the preciousness of human contact and how, as social animals, the retail environment provides this unique moment of connection and community like no other consumer channel. It’s inspiring to see how retail design is now getting smarter and more able to adapt to connecting people with each other. Retailers are looking through the consumer’s eyes in ways that they never have before and adapting their design accordingly.”

A journalist turned strategist, Juliet is often tapped for her strategies working with some of the country’s best brands. She regularly shares her insights and expertise through media appearances, trade publications, and industry conferences. To speak with one of Adrenaline’s experience design in retail and financial services, contact us at

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