Marketing Your Bank Brand

Creating a cohesive brand experience across channels

As we head into the Financial Brand Forum from May 7-9 in Las Vegas, Adrenaline’s CXO, Gina Bleedorn, has been featured in “The 5 Biggest Mistakes Financial Marketers Make in Digital Channels” in the Financial Brand. The article focuses on missteps that financial brands make in their marketing efforts. Everything from not having a goal or plan to the overuse of jargon in marketing messages, financial brands face challenges in both strategy and tactical execution

Gina’s insights are featured in Marketing Mistake #1: Taking the Same Approach on Every Channel.  Understanding the role and tone of each digital channel and targeting messaging toward each channel’s audience is vital. In the article, Gina says, “A bank or credit union might have a strong brand, but many are not successfully telling their brand stories across channels. That’s why so many of their marketing messages fall flat.” Understanding the role of each digital channel is central to creating marketing messages that resonate.

Marketing Your Bank Brand

What really lies at the heart of any successful marketing effort is developing a full experience ecosystem. All of a bank or credit union’s channels of experience should ladder up to an overarching strategy and be orchestrated in a way that makes sense for type of brand experience they’re trying to drive. Banks and credit unions can achieve marketing success by understanding how to communicate holistically and identify the right audiences, the right messages and the right channels.

Marketing Your Bank Brand

Gina points to our campaign for Worker’s Credit Union as an example of marketing and advertising success. The credit union had a strong brand, but some specific challenges. The most pressing was overcoming any confusion over their name. Traditionally, many credit unions were born from financial collectives of employees within a particular industry. However, in Workers Credit Union’s case, their name no longer reflected who they were. Today, anyone can be a member. 

Adrenaline solved for this challenge by creating a fresh advertising campaign focused on service, while also helping clarify the credit union’s market positioning. Across media, the power of this campaign is in how it constantly reinforces its simple and memorable message. The channels used for this message included radio, television, bus wraps, billboards, movie theaters and was targeted, calibrated and leveraged across all of their digital channels.

To hear Gina’s brand insights and see a financial brand embrace an updated identity, join Adrenaline as they present a live Financial Brand Makeover at the Financial Brand Forum on Monday, May 7 at 4:00 p.m. in  The Chelsea.  

To learn more about how to make the most of your brand, be sure visit our team of experts at the Adrenaline booth in the exhibit hall at Financial Brand Forum or contact us at

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