Workers Credit Union: All Wigged Out

Adrenaline Agency Helps Workers Credit Union Give Members the Royal Treatment with Big Advertising Campaign


How to Turn Heads

With branches just outside of Boston, Workers Credit Union wanted a fresh advertising campaign that focused on service that could overcome any confusion associated with its name. Traditionally, most credit unions were born from financial collectives of employees within an industry. However, in Workers Credit Union’s case, their name no longer reflected the members they served. Today, everyone can be a member.

The financial institution tapped Adrenaline Agency to create a clutter-busting advertising campaign across media that would resonate with a new generation of members who banked differently without alienating its loyal base. 

Workers Billboard

One Fitting Message 

Born from the straightforward line “Bank like a Big Wig,” the new advertising campaign from Workers Credit Union hilariously transformed its members from the ordinary into literal big wigs.

The absurdity of these massive, Victorian-era, powdered white wigs served as the unique and effective visual device to instantly help the campaign stand out against the typical starchy art and copy most common in financial advertising. Further, the disruptive nature of each :15 second TV spot helped deliver quick, entertaining stories about each “big wig” that people remember.


High Art Wins the Day

The :15 television spots were each shot practically on a sound stage, completely symmetric, and all in one take. Employing a minimalistic approach, all non-essential storytelling elements were removed, leaving only blue, orange or white props on screen. Using an omniscient narrator to tell each story, instead of monologue or dialogue, meant the viewer could enjoy and understand comfortably. Deviating from WCU’s previous visual approach and all prior advertising campaigns, this comedic direction let the big wig campaign embrace a fresh, modern tone.

Across media, the power of this campaign was how it constantly reinforced such a simple and memorable “get.” Additionally, the radio featured a jovial “everyman” singing about how he’s a big wig to the tune of “Oh, My Darling,” all over a Baroque harpsichord-inspired style. The print ads placed the wigged talent within oversized, gilded picture frames.  Window clings and bus wraps featured outlines of the big wigs for people to intentionally, or unintentionally, become a big wig. Finally, buttons were made available for members to don which stated “I’m a big wig!”

 Workers Credit Union’s Big Wigs campaign launched on October 16, airing across Central Massachusetts and Greater Boston. 

Big Wig Bus Shelter
Big Wig portraits on bus

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