Future Branches: How Will Banks Transform Experiences?

The Universal Banker provides banks a rich opportunity to reengage with its customers in a reimagined environment. Our “Creating a Universal Experience White Paper” provides a comprehensive roadmap for banks to follow to enhance the customer journey.

At this month’s Future Branches Conference from November 29 through December 1, 2016 in San Diego, experts across the banking and financial industries will address strategic approaches to branch transformation, so that modern-day banking is prepared to meet the needs of the customer journey today and into the future. As Sean Keathley addressed in his last blog posting, “While consumers are doing more of their banking online, consumer demand for traditional branch banking services remains significant, and not something that banks can afford to ignore in all their enthusiasm to embrace digital. Importantly, one-third of consumers still prefer branches for most of their banking. It’s the more sensitive, valuable financial transactions that consumers prefer to conduct in-person within the branch setting.” So, the bank branch is not going away, but it is changing.

One of the most visible ways that banking is shifting is through the adoption of the Universal Banker role. Adrenaline’s presentation “Creating a Universal Experience: Empowering the Universal Banker in the Branch Environment” at Future Branches will detail ways that banks are responding to an information and internet revolution that has disrupted the banking landscape. People inside the financial and banking industries are fully aware that branches that were designed for a heavy flow of transactions are not equipped to meet today’s diverse banking demands. While transactions have moved away from the branch environment and toward online and mobile options, branches are still utilized by customers, albeit for a very different set of services than in years past.

This dramatic shift has led to the rise of the Universal Banker, but with no clear roadmap to guide the universal journey, many bank branches are left wondering exactly how they get from point A to point B. While the concept of the Universal Banker is not new, it has taken a long time for the banking industry to catch up to their customers’ demands for a high touch, high-tech experience. In fact, a large proportion of today’s financial institutions have not adopted the Universal Banker across their branch networks. From physical to digital, culture to staffing, deploying the Universal Banker in the branch environment will touch on every aspect of bank operations, now and into the future.

To address the shifting processes, people and places, we developed the“Creating A Universal Experience White Paper” that we launched in conjunction with the Financial Brand Forum in May of 2016 and are presenting a keynote based on the concepts at Future Branches. In the following paper, readers will find insights and overviews about the Universal Banker role and how bank culture will have to shift to successfully embrace and deploy the universal experience. Equally as compelling is the prescriptive, how-to information about roles, responsibilities and requites for walking-the-walk, not just talking-the-talk. The Universal Banker really is banking reimagined.

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