Forbes Contributors Gather Global Influencers to Discuss Marketing in Our New Covid Era

Juliet D’Ambrosio, Adrenaline’s Senior Director of Strategy, participates in “New Rules of Marketing Engagement: On-Demand & Delivery” virtual fireside chat with Forbes contributor John Koetsier

Thursday, May 21, 2020 – On Tuesday, May 12, Adrenaline’s Juliet D’Ambrosio participated in a panel of global marketing and brand leaders organized by Forbes contributors John Koetsier and Peggy Anne Salz. In “New Rules of Marketing Engagement: On-Demand & Delivery,” influencers discussed the current state of brand marketing in regions across the globe. Each leader not only provided insights into the global trends they’re witnessing but also shared some actionable intelligence on key leverage points for future success in our new COVID-19 world.

Adrenaline’s Juliet D’Ambrosio gave a clear-eyed assessment of why brand values matter more at this moment. She says, “While brand values can seem like an intangible asset – something that maybe appears in corporate communications, but has no meaning outside the boardroom – they’re more vital than ever.” She believes all brands are now purpose-driven. “Their purpose is to deliver a good experience – to employees, to customers, to partners, to all stakeholders. Leaning into your brand values now lights the way into how each organization delivers on that purpose.”

When asked about her thoughts on the global views presented on the panel, Juliet says one of her big takeaways is the rumblings of large-scale change on the horizon. “I heard the beginnings of a fundamental shift beginning to take shape. These marketers, executives, and business owners from around the globe with organizations at all levels of scale were focused on how their business is now about caring deeply for people – their health and well-being – AND delivering results.” She goes on to say it’s “Triple bottom line stuff that has a new emphasis.”

A replay of the chat is available via CleverTap. “New Rules of Marketing Engagement: On-Demand & Delivery” is part five of an 8-part live video series featuring today’s leading business and marketing decision-makers. This series of virtual fireside chats are designed to help brand leaders and marketers to learn, adapt, and succeed in these unprecedented times. To speak with one of Adrenaline’s brand strategy and communication experts, contact us at

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