Breaking Down Barriers in Banking

October 24, 2018 – A new article in disruption’s publication of record addresses how banks are prepping for the future amidst extraordinary competition from both inside and outside the financial services sector. Adrenaline’s Sean Keathley was featured in the fall edition of WIRED Brand Lab presented by Comcast Business for his insights on an industry undergoing unprecedented transformation. But competitive banks cannot simply build an app and call it the future. 

In “Why the Bank Branch of the Future will look Nothing Like a Bank,” Sean discusses ways banking responds to the challenge of generational and technological change. The article finds that while Millennials – or Gen Z for that matter – have copious amounts of information right in their pockets, a quarter of them, according to Forrester research, have visited a bank branch before making a purchase decision, not unlike generations before. 

In the article, Sean Keathley discusses how branch banking transformation is not just for the mega-banks. “One community bank he worked with introduced a ‘banker in your pocket’ that was available for a conversation via text or video call.  Of the confluence of digital and in-branch channels,” Sean says, “It is absolutely going to be the next step in the mobile app experience because it will be giving it a humanistic feel.” 

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