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On Wednesday, May 16, Adrenaline’s Sean Keathley and Gina Bleedorn took to the airwaves on Business RadioX’s Atlanta Business Radio to discuss the company’s role in developing and driving brand experiences for clients across numerous industries. With 30,000 conversations and 13 million downloads to date, the show features interviews from key players from metro Atlanta’s leading companies to help engaged listeners learn about best-practices in businesses.  

Lee Kantor talked with Sean and Gina about the company’s role in helping clients do everything from developing their brand to making it real in their physical environment. Sean discussed the power of people connecting with each other and with brands, and how it’s the human connection that matters most. He says, “That’s what’s so complicated in today’s environment. There are so many channels, and consumers want all of them. Really, in a lot of the businesses that we help, the human component is really, really important. They’re supported by E-commerce, but there are a lot of things that happen when people meet with people.”

A lot of things that happen when people meet with people. ”
– Sean Keathley
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On branded experiences, Gina says, “We help them think about their brand experience in totality. That’s really the cornerstone of how we think. It is about brand experience at every touchpoint. And the touchpoints have exploded, because of digital channels. Interestingly, a lot of the lion’s share of experience design agencies are digital. If you Google it, it’s all digital agencies. We very much believe in expanding that into the physical, too, so that their entire branded experience is taken into account, when we’re thinking about any individual touchpoint.”

On the importance of creating connections through brand trust, Gina says, “It happens a lot, especially in industries like banking where they’ve come to trust a singular person. However, the more connected with that brand the person is, the less likely a) that person is likely going to leave the bank (the employee) and b) if the brand has no connection to the consumer, and the consumer only had a connection to the person, you bet they’re going to leave with that person. That’s why your brand, your people, and the place in which your people interact – we call it a brand, place and culture fusion – need to be in sync.”

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Finally on brand “stickiness” Sean talks about the role of emotionally connecting with employees and consumers as part of brand culture. He says, “In those cases where it is a human connection, those brands are making sure those employees are sticking. That’s where this comes back into play. Everything Gina said is applicable for that. How do we make this an amazing place to work? How do we empower people to be successful? How do we give them an emotional connection? We talk a lot about how a lot of decisions are made with emotion. That’s what we’re trying to do is create these emotional connections. That’s a big part of retention with key people. But that’s a good example of how a brand standing out starts to attract other key talent. That’s an acquisition strategy, in some of these cases, where it’s a human-to-human connection with consumer to provider.”

Want more insights about brand experiences and creating connections? Listen to the full interview below. And if you’d like more information about Adrenaline’s services and how we create real brand experiences, connect with us at 

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