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Wednesday, January 30, 2019 – As global bank branches reach one million locations, RBR London has released its highly-anticipated research on the state of branch banking around the world. Branch Banking IV: Case Studies of Successful Strategy explores the range of approaches taken by different types of banks, highlighting examples of best practice in branch strategy. As part of its branch banking executive report series, this research takes a deep dive into the strategy behind physical and digital channel coordination, especially relevant among those financial institutions undergoing branch optimization and transformation. 

Eastern Bank’s new branch concepts were featured as a case study on how to right-size a branch network to meet the shifting needs of a dynamic market. The 2016 initiative was focused on optimizing branch size for each location, bringing down operating costs but not at the cost of customer experience or operational efficiency. The branch network was comprised of full-service, micro, cashless, and self-service formats. For Eastern Bank, Adrenaline designed four iterations of an ideal branch experience and then executed a strategy to realize those designs within the bank’s existing network.

Eastern Bank Redesign
Eastern Bank Redesign by Adrenaline

Origin Bank’s brand to branch network overhaul was featured as a case study on how a community bank can reimagine their bank brand – from top to bottom – and still retain their local legacy culture and values. Following the creation of a new brand promise – Unique from Within – one of the chief goals in their branch transformation was to create a more meaningful experience for their customers. Already a linchpin in the community, Origin Bank’s transformation set the stage for success as the bank expands their geographic footprint.

Branch Banking IV is a publication of RBR London, the leading provider of strategic research and reporting in retail banking, automation, technology, payments, and transactions. Industry decision-makers can request a sample of the Branch Banking IV report or order a copy via PDF. The author of Branch Banking IV, David Cavell, is an internationally recognized retail banking consultant and expert. To learn more about trends in retail banking worldwide, we recently interviewed David Cavell and will feature his insights in our upcoming banking Perspectives series. 

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