Automation’s Influence in Banking

How automating predictable aspects of business helps pave the way for the universal experience

Last week from March 13-17, ICBA held its Community Banking Live convention in Las Vegas. Adrenaline’s D. Christopher Howe, Senior Vice President of Retail Experience Design, presented Create a Universal Experience: Making Sense of Automation Technology to help bank leaders comprehend the spectrum of in-branch automation technology and how these tools meet both consumer demand and bank operational requirements. The session highlighted the global retail trends putting pressure on the financial services industry and explored how technology, new formats and experience-mapping are paving the way for better consumer interactions and experiences in modern banking.

The session featured a series of case studies demonstrating the nuanced ways that technologies have been incorporated into different types of experiences for customers – whether more commercial or retail-focused or full-service or automation oriented. The panel enabled bank leaders to “uncover trends in retail banking, experience mapping through in-branch zoning, and learn how to index your branch network’s health. Whether your bank is in its initial phases of universal banking planning or you have already created a prototype universal banking model, this session offers strategies for a successful rollout.”

ICBA Community Bankers LIVE

It’s no secret that change can be intimidating, especially for legacy institutions like banks. Understanding the overarching industry landscape is important. But what’s more crucial is for leaders to focus on what change will mean for their individual organizations and developing a tiered approach to address it. Leaders should be asking themselves: what full-service means to them, what the types of initiatives they want to undergo in the next two to three years to transform their network with technology or automation, and how they will fund that change. As evidenced by retailers like Amazon, it’s a time of rapid change and growth that will only speed up. But according to Howe, “Don’t be scared. Be inspired.”

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