American Builders Quarterly Showcases Adrenaline’s Heidi Cron

Feature illustrates Cron’s commitment to experience design through five-years at Dunkin’ Brands to her current role as Director of Architecture and Interior Design

At the end of July, American Builders Quarterly highlighted experience design through the eyes of Heidi Cron as she joins the Adrenaline team to lead the architecture and interior design team. The article “Heidi Cron Details Her Move from Dunkin’ Brands to Adrenaline” is featured in the digital version of the magazine with the print feature hitting newsstands in January of 2019. 

This special sneak peek of the magazine walks through Cron’s achievements at Dunkin’ Brands, including her localization efforts for stores in the Netherlands, to what excites her about experience design with Adrenaline, where she leads a multidisciplinary studio focused on the service retail sector. ABQ describes the role of service retail in creating connections and supporting communities.

According to the article, Cron’s “expertise will help multiple service retailer brands reimagine their environments and actualize network transformation.” Chris Howe, Senior Vice President of Retail Experience Design, is quoted as saying, “People like Heidi are joining Adrenaline to be part of a team that is creating innovative environments that are changing the face of service retail.” 

Interviewed on just her third day at Adrenaline, Heidi says “I loved working at Dunkin’ Brands. I was able to provide design leadership, travel the world, and engage with an extremely talented set of foreign architects and designers. But there are further skills that I want to develop. I dreamed of branching out beyond just one brand, and exploring other project types besides retail food service.”

Cron is one of 70 employees in Adrenaline’s Portsmouth, NH office, which focuses on retail experience design. About her new team, Heidi is enthusiastic. “I’m excited to work toward helping other people grow in their positions. It’s just a team of amazing people. As I get to know everyone, I continue to be impressed by this talented team that Chris and his colleagues have put together.”

She rounds out the interview affirming, “I’m twenty years into my career, and I want to use everything I’ve learned to help create a positive work environment. I want everyone to love coming into work every day. To paraphrase a well-known quote: ‘If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.’ I really believe that.” 

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