American Banker on Creating Customer Connections

Article features comments from Adrenaline’s CXO on the banking industry’s efforts to build authentic relationships

On Thursday, May 3, American Banker got to the heart of a new marketing campaign from Fifth Third Bancorp that is surprising, pithy and refreshingly real. The article “Welcome to the world, baby. Here’s $1,000 from the bank” explored the expansion of a Fifth Third Bank marketing campaign rolled out last year “designed to poke fun of the fraction (5/3) in its name” and establish emotional connection with its customers. What better way to do that than babies? Underlying the adorable ads is a worthwhile giveback program to help parents establish college savings for their new bundles of joy.

Why are banks interested in conveying a sense of authenticity and emotional connection in their marketing efforts like Fifth Third is doing? Branding and reputation specialists say it’s really about a brand meaning more. “Experts also describe the project as one of the innovative ways banks are addressing much broader branding questions facing the industry. That is, how can a big bank establish a sense of trust with customers, at a time when trust in institutions – particularly banks – is fading?”

Gina Bleedorn, Adrenaline’s CXO, believes it’s all about being human. In the article, Gina says, “Brands have a relationship with people the way people have a relationship with people. It’s about give and take, the same way it is in a human relationship or marriage.” Long-gone are the days of goods and services alone driving customer loyalty. Through her years of experience, Gina knows that a rate is not a relationship and bank brands that want to really stand out, have to fight to do so. 

That’s why Gina and Ty Wong, Adrenaline’s Creative Director, are presenting a peek behind the rebranding process at this year’s Financial Brand Forum to show how brands in the financial industry fight complacency and business as usual in order to stand out. If you’re in Vegas, don’t miss the chance to chat with our team of experts at the Adrenaline booth. Stay tuned on social at #AdrenalineatFBForum to see the winning artwork. 

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