Adrenaline’s New HQ

Tuesday, June 18, 2019 – Following months of design and construction, Adrenaline is proud to announce that its new Atlanta headquarters in Lindbergh City Center is open and occupied. The 22,200 square foot space was a ground-up design, focusing on the needs of the Adrenaline team and how the space would operate as the company’s flagship and headquarters.

Adrenaline’s New HQ

Adrenaline’s president and CEO Sean Keathley, says, “This space was worth the wait. We are only traveling two miles down the road, but it’s a world away from where we’ve been. It’s an extraordinarily architected, first generation space that started out as a blank canvas. In it, we have designed our own ideal experience for our employees and clients. This new space is as functional as it is beautiful.” 

The company chose Lindbergh City Center as its headquarters because it’s the heart of a vibrant community that connects both Midtown and Buckhead and features commuter train access and restaurant and retail right on its doorstep. Keathley says, “This headquarters is the next chapter of our story, embodying for ourselves the experience design work we do for our clients.”

Adrenaline’s New HQ

While the space is occupied, there are still elements to come. The company will continue adding essential conference area furniture and striking environmental graphics into early July. Keathley says, “We are on an exciting journey. I’m proud that our clients will be able to see and interact with us in a space that is the best representation of experience design.”

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