Adrenaline’s Leaders Speaking at Future Branches

Sean Keathley, President and CEO, and Gina Bleedorn, Chief Experience Officer, present “Open, Close or Renovate: Using Analytics to Figure Out the Size and Shape of Your WHOLE Network”

Thursday, July 16, 2020 – In their first-ever virtual event, Future Branches is tackling some of banking’s most pressing problems in our new COVID era. In Facing the Future Head On: Tackling Branch Network Optimization in an Era of Digital Transformation, this online conference brings together the financial services industry’s thought leaders in a two-day event that spotlights the best thinking from banking’s stakeholders and solution providers with a “proven track record of implementing change.”

Adrenaline’s Sean Keathley and Gina Bleedorn are featured speakers on informed decision-making at the branch. In Open, Close, or Renovate: Using Analytics to Figure Out the Size and Shape of Your WHOLE Network, they present key insights and practices in their case study on branch optimization. Highlighting the different kinds of data and market intelligence needed to develop a holistic plan, Sean and Gina take on the industry’s most confounding issue with a fresh approach to the branch network.

Gina says, “You can’t simply close your way to profitability. The answer to the branch network problem is not simply closing branches to take costs out. You need meaningful market data to inform your branch network planning. Closing might be part of the solution in some markets, but it’s really more about right-sizing your presence based on market growth potential. Adopting this kind of approach is more critical than ever in our current Covid moment as we rethink the branch. ”

Sean says, “We are recommending that people view branch optimization through the lens of investing in, rather than taking cost out. Arming yourself with real-world, real-time data should be at the center of any decisions you make about your physical branch. After all, the branch channel is the reason people consider banking with you in the first place, so it’s important to understand that your biggest investment really is your biggest opportunity.”

To register for the free virtual conference, visit Future Branches’ Facing the Future event for your all-access pass to live sessions and an unlimited full conference replay. For more branch insights on the power of your branch networks, read our roundup Branch Banking and the Power of Place and see all of the relevant stats and information on branch banking on Believe in Banking.

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