Adrenaline’s Juliet D’Ambrosio Featured in Spotlight on Resilience in Authority Magazine and Thrive Global

Senior Director of Strategy shares her insights on approaches to adversity and how an inspired idea in response to COVID came to life in Believe in Banking

Thursday, November 5, 2020 – Made to meet the moment, an Authority Magazine and Thrive Global interview series is exploring the subject of resilience, tapping successful business leaders for their inspired ideas about how to build this essential trait into your life. In Rising Through Resilience and You Don’t Have To Get It Right The First Time Adrenaline’s own Juliet D’Ambrosio talks about her own personal and professional relationship with resilience, exploring who and what motivates her and how COVID sparked in her a desire to help in her current role as senior strategist with brand experience and design leader Adrenaline in Atlanta.

With a large influence in financial services, Adrenaline was well-positioned to help its clients not only navigate the challenge of COVID but shine through. Understanding the essential role of banking, Juliet says, “As soon as the pandemic hit, we immediately heard from our clients that financial services was playing an entirely different role for people in this crisis. As the pandemic rippled across communities, banking was showing up in real ways that matter… It dawned on me that this is a change in how consumers see banking and that it can be a turning point for the entire industry.”

This epiphany wasn’t strictly professional, however. According to Juliet, “I also had a moment of personal reflection — especially in the early days of COVID — that we were all having a real sense of being unmoored, ungrounded and needing, both from a professional and a personal sense, something to believe in. Thus, the concept Believe in Banking was born.” This mission-oriented platform brings together decision-makers, influencers, and industry leaders for timely insights, news, data, and vital conversations around the COVID crisis and financial service response to it.

The platform is a powerful way for the agency to leverage its position with leaders in financial services who have a long, deep, and broad view of the industry. Juliet says, “The name captures it all: We wanted real emotional resonance that speaks to consumers, but it also can be a rallying cry for the industry. It’s a way to shine a light on the stories of all the ways that banking is showing up and is a force for good. So, the idea was for us to create a movement that begins simply through telling the stories back to the industry and empowering them with information and data, so they become more resilient.”

Discover more of Juliet’s insights in Authority Magazine’s Rising Through Resilience: Five Things You Can Do To Become More Resilient and Thrive Global’s You Don’t Have To Get It Right The First Time.

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