Adrenaline Weighs in on Post-Pandemic Banking in ABA Bank Marketing

In “The Post-COVID Customer Experience,” the brand experience company’s managing director of strategy Juliet D’Ambrosio discusses digital adoption, drive-throughs and the continued need for trust in banking

Monday, November 22, 2021 – A new article in the November/December 2021 edition of ABA Bank Marketing addresses all the ways COVID has changed expectations and delivery in financial services. But which shifts where more short-term responses and which ones are here to stay? From digital adoption to drive-throughs, smart banks and credit unions used COVID as a catalyst to make (sometimes long overdue) changes to how they deliver in our new era. Regardless of delivery method, though, trust is a top concern for consumers.

Given that COVID provided a whole new set of money challenges, consumers wanted their financial institutions to be a bastion of strength and support. “Trust happens through personal interactions and belief in the security of transactions. Security has never been more important,” according to Juliet D’Ambrosio at Adrenaline. “During the pandemic, we learned new ways to build trust not just in the branch but through video interaction. And trust is what ultimately makes relationships stick.”

Another surprising development during COVID was the resurgence of the drive-through. In pre-COVID days, the drive-up was an afterthought. According to Believe in Banking: “For most banks and credit unions in pre-COVID days, the drive-up was a rarely thought of vestige of a bygone era. A leftover window from the past that had to be present for the sake of overflow and convenience, this channel hadn’t markedly changed from its automotive roots.” But the pandemic brought people back.

“We are seeing some banks optimizing or even expanding their drive-throughs,” says Juliet D’Ambrosio in ABA Bank Marketing. “Customers like the convenience of not getting out of their cars whether at the bank or doing curbside pick-up at a restaurant. But we expect most bank drive-up expansion to take the form of ATMs and ITMs. Both of which are flexible in terms of range of services provided but also offer great opportunities for customized communication with customers.”

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