Adrenaline Featured in ABA Banking Journal Series on Rebrands

Agency’s CXO Gina Bleedorn interviewed for ABA Bank Marketing article highlighting the process for strategically deploying a banking rebrand

Tuesday, November 19, 2019 – In the fourth and final installment on rebranding a bank, ABA Banking Journal’s “Rebrand Implementation: What the Details Demand” focuses the last article in its Bank Marketing series on the steps needed for successful implementation of a bank rebrand. With institutions spending up to half of their rebranding budgets on implementation alone, the stakes for banking institutions couldn’t be higher. “While the implementation phase could be the most complicated part of the rebranding process, it also offers great opportunities,” according to the article. 

In the article, Adrenaline’s CXO Gina Bleedorn addresses how important strategic planning is to the rebranding process. She says, “In many cases, banks may not think about holistic planning upfront.” They may also miscalculate just how much it’s going to cost to implement the rebrand. Gina notes, “The area that is most often underestimated is physical infrastructure. An average cost per branch – including exterior signage – is $100,000.” Once you also incorporate staff training and communication and updated marketing efforts, the rebrand will likely be one of the brand’s largest lifetime investments.

Adrenaline Featured in ABA Banking Journal Series on Rebrands

Costs are only one side of the story, however. It’s communication that is the cornerstone of a successful rebrand. Gina recommends brands continue communicating throughout the process. She says, “Consider how vital it is to acknowledge that you’re changing your name/logo/brand.” Everyone involved has a hand in a successful rebrand, and they don’t want to find out information third-hand through leaks. Gina recommends brands “mitigate the negative, then capitalize on the positive” and recognize the “more you embrace change rather than fear it, the more successful your organization will be.”

The ABA Banking journal article features proactive steps for every financial services brand to incorporate during the rebranding and implementation process, including holistic planning and effective communication strategies. We also recommend downloading a copy of our latest White Paper on Branch Optimization and Transformation for a hands-on guidebook for rethinking, refreshing and renewing banking’s physical channel of experience. For more information or to speak with one of our brand experience experts, contact us at

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