Adrenaline CXO Presents Keynote at Future Branches Austin

Tuesday, December 3, 2019 – Following their crowd-pleasing presentation this summer at Future Branches Boston, Adrenaline was invited for a return appearance in Austin at the fall stop of the leading financial services conference from November 18 to 20. With no overlap, the Austin conference boasted even more attendees than the Boston location, making Future Branches one of the fastest-growing conferences for senior-level banking and credit union executives in the country. Providing real insights for real challenges, the conference touched on topics from design to deployment in the branch setting.

Adrenaline’s CXO Presents Keynote at Future Branches

Building on the “Get Network Smarter” keynote delivered over the summer, Adrenaline’s CXO Gina Bleedorn further refined an ROI approach guaranteed to grab the attention of banking executives struggling with making a case for branch transformation in their own financial institutions. Adrenaline’s president and CEO Sean Keathley says, “People in financial services are coming to realize that branch optimization is not something you DIY on your own. You need a strategic plan and a return-on-investment model customized to your bank’s specific challenges. Outside eyes can really help see clearly.” 

With so many banks scaling for survival, mergers and acquisitions have become a fact-of-life for financial institutions of all sizes. Given that branches are a crucial driver of market share, addressing your branch network is truly a pressing issue facing banks and credit unions. Gina Bleedorn says, “Our presentation gave case study examples, but it’s not really necessary to understand how we calculate the facts and figures behind each illustration. What we’re really trying to do is to make these concepts real, to help people know what questions they should be asking to create real value for their organizations.” 

Even if you weren’t able to attend Future Branches, you can see Gina’s keynote here.

Here you will find more information on our thinking about branch optimization and current financial services data, trends and insights, including the modeling behind the “Get Network Smarter” keynote presentation in both Boston and Austin. If you missed the chance to chat with our staff in the Future Branches Innovation Hub or would like to request a copy of the presentation, be sure to reach out to talk with one of our experts. You can contact us at

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