Transforming Truist: Bringing a New Brand to the Branch

Truist branch lobby

The Scenario:

Following the successful merger between SunTrust and BB&T, Truist Financial needed to take the next substantial step to unify their brand – a massive multistate transformation of more than 2,500 retail branch locations to reflect a cohesive and consistent look for their new brand in the branch environment.

The Solution:

At the end of 2020, the bank engaged Adrenaline to spearhead the transformation of nearly 15% of the branches in their network and serve as leaders in the bank’s conversion efforts. The process incorporated robust up-front planning and best-in-class implementation solutions, including waterfall workstreams that could efficiently and effectively convert branches of vastly variable conditions.

The Story:

With two institutions that had grown aggressively through acquisitions over the last decade, both SunTrust and BB&T had locations in their branch network that were inconsistent in design and out of step with their current customer journey.

For such a massive overhaul, the branch conversion efforts required comprehensive pre-planning that included surveys and audits, design development and application, and quality control for brand books and the kit-of-parts program.

Using industry-leading tools like Matterport, 3D surveys and AMP (Adrenaline’s Management Platform) to coordinate and communicate myriad changes, along with extremely effective workstream processes, Adrenaline provided the lead for the conversion program as it was being built and deployed.

Utilizing the tools Adrenaline offers enables us to excel when it comes to the products and services we provide for our clients. This ensures each step of the merger and acquisition process flows smoothly.”
– Kyle Edmonds, Vice President, Mitchell Signs

The deployment workstreams included indispensable elements, including review and reconciliation of design standards, product prototyping, production interior wayfinding and signage, demerchandising, and reclamation and painting of interior walls, furniture, and installation of the final branded interior package.

Such a large conversion meant that the coordination of vendors was of utmost importance to avoid stockouts and schedule conflicts, along with maintaining a cost structure. The waterfall workstream kept everything moving, with each vendor completing their work and the next one arriving for their portion.

Stratus recognizes Adrenaline as a leader in the banking design and branding industries. Their communication, reporting and ability to manage a schedule with the intent to deliver a program on time is second to none.”
– Bill Phillips, Vice President, Stratus

As an exemplar for the program, Adrenaline set the standard for processes like a demerchandising blitz and collaborated with supplier partners to put together a production model for all branches, even outside our own allotment, to help keep the entire project on track. The process was so efficient that Adrenaline was assigned an additional 65 branch conversions, which were completed in less than a month.

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