Winning the Hearts and Minds of Healthcare Consumers

Adrenaline’s CXO brings her insights about healthcare brands to the Healthcare Design Expo

November 16, 2018 – On Monday, November 12, Adrenaline’s Chief Experience Officer, Gina Bleedorn, was a featured speaker at the Healthcare Design Expo, the healthcare industry conference focused on improving the quality of healthcare through design of the built environment. In “Branding: Powerful Secrets to Win Healthcare Consumer Hearts and Minds,” Gina addressed how digital disruption has empowered the healthcare consumer, resulting in more choice as they decide who gets their next medical visit. 

Gina Bleedorn says, “The digital landscape has really disrupted the way people do everything today, including our healthcare. Interestingly, digital has been disrupting different industries at different paces. For example, retail was disrupted first, followed by the financial sector. Next up is healthcare. If you look at these other sectors, healthcare’s future has already been predicted. The healthcare consumer is already expecting more, and it’s up to healthcare companies to deliver a better healthcare experience. If healthcare does not learn from what has happened in both financial and retail, they will be behind.”

Winning the Hearts and Minds of Healthcare Consumers through the Power of Branding

Today, consumers want a brand experience that’s targeted and tailored to their needs. They want a customized and convenient healthcare experience. Gina Bleedorn says, “What’s changing in healthcare is that suddenly consumers have a choice. There are not only more choices of providers, but more choices in ways to provide, meaning retail healthcare and urgent care. Healthcare consumers don’t just have to wait to go to their doctor’s office anymore. That choice is going to mean that everyone really has to step up their game in how they deliver on consumer expectations.”

Winning the Hearts and Minds of Healthcare Consumers through the Power of Branding

The good news is that healthcare has insights and best practices from two industry sectors that went before them and myriad lessons from retail and financial that health system teams can apply in building their brands. From retail and banking, we know consumers are looking for a seamless journey with a brand they know and trust, empowered by choice and convenience. Whether they are looking for a do-it-yourself (DIY) or do-it-for-me (DIFM) experience, consumers want brands to anticipate their needs and provide a consistent level of care whether they are popping in for a flu shot or seeing a specialist.

Winning the Hearts and Minds of Healthcare Consumers through the Power of Branding

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