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Adrenaline launches Asset Management Platform to help FIs streamline and simplify their branch networks

Whether a bank has 10 or 1,000 branches, meticulous management is the lifeblood of a healthy ecosystem. Since bank marketers and facilities managers can’t be everywhere at once, they need a set of robust tools to synchronize their branch networks with real-time data and responsive design.

Meet AMP.

Adrenaline’s Asset Management Platform (AMP) is a digital cloud-based SaaS platform designed for managing a financial institution’s physical spaces, complete with survey data, merchandising campaigns, branch floor plans and digital signage all at a user’s fingertips. 

For bank marketers, AMP streamlines the process of gathering, managing and deploying assets across branches. For facilities managers, AMP tracks queries and micro-tasks on a larger scale, allowing real-time network monitoring and effectively tracking service and maintenance requests. 

AMP Press Release

This customized platform provides a single digital hub to coordinate all branch network activities. It allows managers to compare performance across their networks and go deeper with detailed reporting. This information fuels strategic decision-making to facilitate improvements across all retail touch-points.

AMP Press Release

With AMP, banks can spend less time on management and deployment, and focus more on building better workflows to deliver meaningful in-branch experiences.

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