Presents with a Purpose

Adrenaline making hundreds of donations to local non-profits over the holidays

This holiday season Adrenaline made a vow: No unwanted gifts.

2018 Client Holiday Gifts

In what can only be described as an epidemic of holiday humbug, one annual survey estimates that Americans waste up to $13 billion on unwanted gifts each year. Yes, that’s billion with a B. 

What’s worse, up to 6% of those gifts get thrown in the trash. So, not only is your undesirable gift not welcomed by your recipient, it’s also dropping right from Santa’s sleigh directly into the landfill. Enough!

No more seasonal socks! No more funky food!

2018 Client Holiday Gifts

To give gifts that mean more, Adrenaline identified and catalogued our clients’ favorite local non-profit organizations – each and every one! Then we made hundreds of individual donations in our client’s honor to organizations across the country, making a difference in a distinctive way to the communities they serve. 

From schools to food banks, children’s hospitals to animal rescues, these non-profits are dedicated to making our clients’ communities better. Each charity holds a special place in the hearts of our special clients. And this is our special way of saying thanks for a magical year. 

Happy Holidays to all from your favorite elves at Adrenaline!

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