Meet with Adrenaline’s M&A Experts at Bank Director’s Acquire or Be Acquired Conference

The U.S. industry leader in brand and branch transformation is available to discuss fundamentals for driving merger and acquisition success before and after inking the deal.

Wednesday, January 26, 2022 – From January 30 through February 1, banking leaders and decision-makers from across the country are gathering in Phoenix for Bank Director’s Acquire or Be Acquired Conference to get insights and information for growing their banks. Featuring national experts on strategic growth, attendees of the conference will learn more about current economic conditions, regulatory considerations for successful mergers and acquisitions, and how to deliver more shareholder value in today’s competitive environment.

Bank Director’s Acquire or Be Acquired Conference

One key element of delivering that value is successfully merging two brands together. Despite their importance, name, brand and network conversion plans are often not considered until after the transaction, leaving bank leaders scrambling. The lack of upfront strategy results in time-crunched name changes, branch closures and culture misalignment that can adversely impact customers, staff and current and future revenue prospects. Considering all of the implications from the brand to the branch prior to and during transaction informs smarter decision making now and prospects for growth in the future.

To help bank leaders think strategically from the outset, Adrenaline’s experts are available for in-person discussions at the Bank Director Conference Exhibitor Area. Come learn more fundamentals for success, like how:

REBRANDING establishes a competitively ownable name and/or identity, optimizing equity as two brands come together;

NETWORK CONSULTING informs branch channel investment decisions to maximize combined footprint ROI; and

BRAND CONVERSION aligns employee and customer experiences for growth, from branches to marketing

As sponsors of the conference, come learn how Adrenaline’s experience in rebranding over 50 institutions and converting over 30,000 branches provides unique qualifications for advising pre-M&A and executing post-deal. Featuring advice from knowledgeable experts, hundreds of banking industry leaders attend Bank Director’s Acquire or Be Acquired Conference each year. Since 1995, the conference has been widely regarded as the financial industry’s premier bank M&A and growth event.

To learn more about how to turbocharge M&A growth with brand and branch transformation, contact Adrenaline’s experts on-site or email us at For information and insights on decision-making from the brand to the branch, visit Adrenaline’s Insights channel and see Believe in Banking for the latest data on banking. 

Adrenaline is a brand experience company that creates and implements end-to-end branded experiences through creative and environmental design. We enhance our clients’ customer experiences across digital and physical channels, from their branding and advertising to design and technology in their spaces. After transforming an organization’s brand, Adrenaline extends it across all touchpoints — from employees to the market to in-store environments. And, we focus on serving industries that sell human experiences including financial, healthcare, sports and entertainment.

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