Adrenaline’s Gina Bleedorn Delivering Keynote at BankSpaces Conference

President & CEO featured in BankSpaces article on “Reinventing Bank Branches” in conjunction with her keynote presentation “Retail Next: Evolving the Branch Experience with Data and Design”

Wednesday, March 20, 2024 – In the wake of branch expansions announced in the last month by Chase, PNC and notable community banks, the branch remains a relevant and resonant banking channel. Now, in a new article on Reinventing Bank Branches, President & CEO of Adrenaline Gina Bleedorn is interviewed for her keen insights on the branch banking channel, in conjunction with her keynote presentation at BankSpaces in Palm Springs, CA on May 6. “Bleedorn is a firm believer in the enduring relevance of physical branches and that they are here to stay,” according to BankSpaces. “She has a voice – and if you are in the business of designing, refreshing, or transforming bank branches, well, you need to listen to her.”

When asked what retail banking leaders should focus on with their branch, Gina says leveraging location is essential. “The essence of a smart retail strategy is focused on perceived convenience, which is demonstrated by the success of prominent institutions like JPMorgan Chase,” according to Gina. She notes how Chase uses their physical branch presence as their leading factor in customer acquisition. “The goal is to maximize efficiency: minimizing square footage and real estate costs while maximizing impact – also known as the ‘billboard’ effect.”

Smart branching requires reinvestment. “You must strategize on where to save to fund growth,” Gina says. “This involves some risk, such as the risk of attrition or making tough choices like closing two branches and opening a new one.” But those choices don’t necessarily mean negative sentiment. “Such strategies can be perceived positively by customers and the community as reinvestment, with the opening of new facilities, even if it’s actually a move to cut operational expenses, reduce formats, increase technological reliance, or decrease staff numbers.”

The idea that bank branches are obsolete is overblown. Yes, we’ll have less of them, but future branches will be different in look and purpose.”
– Michael Owens, Executive Producer of BankSpaces

On the future of the branch, Gina says there are changes, but equally as many opportunities. “The foot traffic in branches is expected to decrease, becoming a fraction of what we see today. Branches will also be smaller, say around 1,200 square feet in size,” she says. The service model will shift away from transactions and towards a more appointment-based model, similar to scheduling a session with a specialist. This in-person appointment aligns with what younger cohorts expect from banking. “There’s a vast, yet underserved market ranging from emerging to established wealth, including Gen Z folks navigating their first home purchases, for example. These consultative centers will precisely meet the needs of this demographic.”

Gina will present “Retail Next: Evolving the Branch Experience with Data and Design” at BankSpaces in Palm Springs, CA on May 6. Learn how to capitalize on the intersection of analytics and design to evolve brand experiences, make data-driven format decisions using branch archetypes, and uncover how to align your branch investment with a successful return. Interested in seeing Gina’s presentation? Request an invitation to attend BankSpaces.

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