Getting [Branch] Network Smarter

Thursday, August 1, 2019 – Experts in banking gathered at Boston’s Marriott Long Wharf on July 23-24 for the leading conference on rethinking banking from the inside out. Future Branches bills itself as the exclusive conference exploring “how leading financial institutions are revamping retail banking technology, retooling front line associates, and creating the branch and retail banking experience of the future.” At this year’s conference, Adrenaline’s President & CEO Sean Keathley and CXO Gina Bleedorn returned with the keynote address “Get Network Smarter: Network Optimization for Maximum ROI.”

Getting Branch Network Smarter

Studies about branch foot-traffic are legion – nearly everyone in banking is examining the branch. Despite declining traffic, retail bank branches are still the #1 driver of market share, so it’s imperative to optimize this channel. In this standing-room-only session, Gina and Sean shared surprising insights about branch presence and captivated audiences with their presentation of Adrenaline’s approach, a process that aligns market opportunity with branch formats to create a branch tiering and investment roadmap. The end result balances efficiency with experience and provides a clear-eyed assessment of potential.

Getting Branch Network Smarter

On this presentation, Gina says, “It’s a lot to digest in 20 minutes – getting into pretty complex concepts – but what I wanted to provide attendees was really how to think about their branch networks’ prospects. Realistically, they don’t have to understand the statistical and scientific models that go into optimization, but they do need to know that they will have to have an approach that holistically assesses both branch health and market potential and successfully marries them together. People are hungry for structure in this space, so I think that’s why they’re clamoring for this type of content.” 

Getting Branch Network Smarter

Future Branches brings together senior-level providers in the financial services sector who provide retail banking technology, customer experience and strategic expertise driving innovation across the industry. The conference is two days of action-packed conversations and connections with the top minds in banking. Stay tuned to Insights for a deeper dive into the concepts presented during Adrenaline’s keynote.

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