Featured Designer – Saray Gill

One of Adrenaline’s own team members is being featured in a new ad series for SCAD and making her print debut in Vogue and Seventeen Magazines. No, she’s not a supermodel, but she is a superhero of experience design.

Adrenaline’s Saray Gill and her two sisters, Andrea and Stephany, are being featured in a new series of profiles from SCAD, a global art and design university. The print ads will be featured in the September editions of Vogue and Seventeen magazines. In the article featured on SCAD’s site, Saray describes her work environment as a driving factor for her two sisters to attend. Saray says,“ It was sort of a gateway for SCAD. They were both like, whoa, you’re drawing for work; this is so awesome.”  The university boasts more than 800 siblings having achieved art and design degrees. All three sisters graduated with various B.F.A’s ranging in Graphic Design, Interior Design and Painting. Saray’s own Interior Design degree preparred her for her position as a Senior Experience Designer with Adrenaline.

At Adrenaline, Saray brings a diverse background and wide-ranging knowledge in environmental graphics, interior design, interactive design, and branding. One of her most recent projects garnered rave reviews from the client, customers using the space and her team at Adrenaline. As the retail experience designer for the Wauchula State Bank Business Lounge, Saray developed the initial schematic plan that was used to define architectural features, environmental elements, components, and functions that would operate within the space. To create a fully functional environment, Saray considers functions of sales and service priorities, branding, marketing, and multi-functional requirements that support the overall business consumer experience.


Once the floor plan was approved, Saray strategically developed and enhanced the experience through schematic concepts to illustrate how all of the components interact to create the new business lounge experience. Through her design, Saray focused on integrating the goals and objectives for the intended commercial platform, including the space plan, architectural features and assets, environmental design, branding, merchandising, technology, communications tools, and interior signage. During the process, space programing requirements were taken into consideration, including furniture categories and types, millwork modules, technology servicing needs, architectural assets, environmental design opportunities, branding, merchandising, digital tools, and signage.

The result is the first bank “business lounge” in the Southeast. We’re not the only ones excited about Saray’s work.

Our Business Lounge brought in the feeling of  awe with it’s design and concept as people walked throughout the space. Every bit of the space was used today and worked well when talking with clients and potential clients about their business — it was so easy to engage and focus on learning and understanding their business!”
Donna McKown, EVP

Adrenaline congratulates Saray and the rest of the R.E.D. team on such a successful (and pretty cool) project! Family isn’t always defined by blood and we’re so glad to have a superstar as part of our Adrenaline family.

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