Critical Financial Support for Atlanta’s Cancer Patients

Adrenaline proudly partners with Atlanta Cancer Care Foundation to support “A Taste of Hope” on September 20 to spread the word about the financial burden on our area’s cancer patients

Imagine getting a cancer diagnosis and the first thought that crosses your mind is how you’re going to pay for your treatment and your housing costs. Every year, that’s the reality for thousands of people in Metro Atlanta who are facing a battle with cancer and all of the trials that come with it.  For far too many families, the financial costs of cancer mean making impossible decisions. Do I make medical co-pays or utility payments?  Drive to this week’s appointments or buy this week’s groceries?

Fortunately, in Atlanta there is help. Every year, the Atlanta Cancer Care Foundation (ACCF) provides critical financial assistance to Metro Atlanta cancer patients facing the often overwhelming costs associated with the disease. Since 2001, ACCF has been making a difference in our community with more than $1.1 million grants to date. The foundation was started by oncologist Dr. Richard Carter when he saw patients not only struggling with the cancer diagnosis, but also how to pay for it.

Financial burdens only add to the physical and emotional stress of the disease. In fact, studies are now investigating what is being called the financial toxicity of cancer during and following treatment. Adrenaline’s Rick Barrick, a board member for AACF, says, “This financial toxicity hits cancer patients with economic burdens right at a time they can least afford it – both monetarily and personally – saddling people with debt that they can spend years digging out from under.”

To support ACCF, Adrenaline produced a video that will be featured at the annual “Taste of Hope”  event on Thursday, September 20 at the inimitable Fox Theatre in Atlanta. The event brings together members of the medical community, business leaders, survivors, friends, and family to help patients facing these difficult choices – all while enjoying a great evening out. There will be a special appearance by nationally-recognized speaker and cancer survivor Dr. Dan Shapiro who will be sharing his uniquely entertaining and moving perspective on challenges faced by patients as they undergo treatment.

Below, we’ve provided a sneak peek of the video that will premiere at the event where you can hear from cancer patients, social workers and caregivers about the impact of ACCF’s grants in the lives of cancer patients and their families. More than just a financial boost, ACCF grants remind patients and their families that they are not alone, and that a community of individuals, foundations and corporations are reaching out to share Courage, Hope and Strength that they need to fight the disease.

Tickets to this premier Atlanta event on Thursday, September 20 are still available but are running out fast. Make your reservation for “A Taste of Hope” today.  To make a donation, visit the Atlanta Cancer Care Foundation

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