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Marketing United conference inspires with best practices in meaningful messaging and powerful personalization

Last week from April 10-13, the Marketing United conference took place in Nashville, TN to help marketing communicators cut through the clutter. Our own Marketing Manager, Chelsea Hinkel, attended and shared her insights and inspirations with the Adrenaline team. She says, “What was very interesting to me is the concept of artificial intelligence in marketing. We’ve addressed AI a lot in our own content, and going to this conference confirmed that AI really is a game-changer. Specifically, what seems to be the next wave is AI-fueled voice technology. Whether it’s search or using AI to customize customer experiences, AI is really shifting the marketing landscape.”

Another central theme of the conference was the power of storytelling – understanding your brand’s story and communicating that in an engaging, interesting way. Chelsea says, “For me as a marketer, what was most inspiring is that the conference allowed me to just take a step back from all of the things that I’m often so close to. It allowed me to think about the big picture that is our marketing ecosystem and all of those channels within it. A lot of it for me was most inspiring from a messaging perspective, because we really create so much content. That’s why the storytelling piece stood out, because it’s the most applicable to all channels, not just for our agency but for our clients, as well.” 

The conference featured more than 1,000 attendees and 70 diverse speakers taking the spotlight at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville. With best practices across numerous sectors and industries, the content was focused on sparking creative thoughts about marketing and how to take your brand’s messaging and personalize and populate it across all different platforms to enhance customer experiences. Marketing United featured more than 30 sessions “packed with inspiration, strategies, and takeaways your team can use long after the conference wraps.” From the “Irresistible Power of Storytelling” to “Effective Storytelling in the Age of Social Media” we’re inspired. 

In an upcoming perspective article, we will take a deeper dive into one of the central themes of this year’s conference: powerful storytelling. For more information, contact us at

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