Buzzworthy Videos for Chairish the Future

What do cat videos, Dr. Seuss and the Furniture Bank of Metro Atlanta all have in common? Take a look at Adrenaline’s work for the annual Chairish the Future Gala to find out.

On Friday, February 24, 2017, The Furniture Bank of Metro Atlanta held its annual Chairish the Future gala fundraising event at the Foundry at Puritan Mill to support their mission to provide essential household furniture to individuals and families in need. For this year’s event, chosen artists “adopted” chairs or other pieces of used furniture from The Furniture Bank’s warehouse and transformed them into works of art, which were then auctioned off at the lively event.

Adrenaline has been involved with the Chairish event for several years, even designing a chair for the auction event in 2015. After competing in design contests and branding the event, we decided we wanted to do something a little different to support The Furniture Bank this year. So we created some entertaining videos to inform and inspire attendees about the critical role the organization plays in Atlanta.

Prior to the main event, we produced a video to alert people that the program was about to begin. Anyone who has ever tried to get the attention of a room with hundreds of people knows what a challenge this can be. At shows and concerts, the house lights are flickered to notify people to take their seats, but we took this opportunity to make the notification so much more kooky and fun. As fans of the cat video genre, we know all-too-well the popularity of feline flicks permeating the web, so we wanted to play on people’s reaction to a cat being called to attention.

Following the cat video and introductions, our main video was screened. Sometimes videos at events like these can be somber in what is meant to be a fun, cheery evening. We decided to flip the script. To capture the essence of the event, while still informing participants about the important work of The Furniture Bank, we created a Dr. Seuss inspired animated short.

This video enlightened attendees – some of whom may not be as familiar with the work of The Furniture Bank – about what the organization does and why everyone is gathered for the evening, in a festive, compelling way. We also wanted The Furniture Bank to be able to reuse the video on their website as a one-minute primer for future clients and donors, as well.

After developing and working through three different concepts, we settled on animation and a well-loved Dr. Seuss rhyming scheme as the best way to capture humor and playfulness. But one of our concepts about past “furniture abusers”, like  a pro-wrestler who felt bad for breaking all the chairs in an arena or a dog chewing the leg of the chair, may just have a resurgence in the future. So stay tuned…

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