Appreciating Adrenaline’s Employees

At Adrenaline, our people are our greatest asset

For this year’s Employee Appreciation Day, we are excited to recognize a few Adrenaline employees who embody our company’s core values – empathy, agility, passion, and optimism. Nominated by their managers, these individuals exemplify our core value of passion, both inside and outside the walls of Adrenaline. To us, passion means loving what we do and sharing our expertise and energy to deliver the best outcomes for all. Here, we highlight some of our most passionate team members – at work at beyond.

Page Kelley, Account Director

“Page has the biggest heart and everyone on our team has turned to her for advice and answers to questions, as they navigate different issues. She is a stellar manager and has been given praise by those who have worked with her. Her caring, calm, approachable attitude makes her a very easy person to work with.” Outside of Adrenaline, Page is just as passionate about helping people. “She had always wanted to volunteer to be a Big Sister in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program and be there for a child who needs a little extra attention. She takes time out of her weekends and evenings to take her Little Sister to lunch and do fun activities together. She has really developed a bond with her.”

Shannon Meeks, Jr. Environmental Graphic Designer

“Shannon is incredibly passionate about food! They share interesting recipes, have good restaurant recommendations, and bring in treats for the office to indulge in. But the most inspiring aspect of their passion is that they aren’t afraid to fail. If a recipe doesn’t turn out right, it’s just part of the journey. Shannon brings equal passion and enthusiasm to their work. It doesn’t matter what size the task at hand, they embrace the work with excitement and enthusiasm. They are just happy to be doing what they love, designing.”

Steven Moody, IT Support Technician

Steven is a member of our IT team and is based in New Hampshire. “Steven is tireless. He’s endlessly dedicated to the quality of his work and the service he provides to his coworkers.” He is always ready to swoop in and solve whatever technical challenges he is faced with. Outside of work, Steven is passionate about weightlifting and hiking.

Sara Lindsey, Sr. Project Manager

“Sara is studying to get her Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification, and it is amazing how she will earn it this year, with a detailed plan and short-term goals. She pursues this certification while juggling the responsibilities of a full-time job and being a dedicated mother. Her enthusiasm and can-do attitude create a positive atmosphere, inspiring everyone around her. Sara’s dedication to personal and professional aspirations and willingness to go the extra mile for her team genuinely embody the spirit of passion we cherish at Adrenaline.”

Kerry Pickett, Studio/Production Director

Kerry is an essential pillar of Adrenaline’s creative team and is known companywide for her positivity and kindness. “She brings a joyful attitude to work every day and combines it with a rock-solid work ethic and a keen eye for detail. She is the backstop for our whole team, and we couldn’t do what we do without her!” When she’s not making creative magic, “Kerry is a top-notch golfer and finds time every week to get out on the course. She’s passionate about sports and about having fun in general.”

Dominic DiMercurio, Director of Technical Operations

“Dominic is passionate about the success and support of Adrenaline’s digital program and team members. He is always looking to share his knowledge in the delivery of best-in-class solutions for our clients. Outside of work, Dominic is most passionate about his two sons and wife. He is a proud father and spends a lot of time at his son’s events and doing things like putting up Halloween mazes in his backyard for the neighborhood to enjoy. In a near second to his family, Dominic is an avid outdoorsman. Hunting and fishing are not only activities he enjoys himself, but a passion he shares with his family.”

Cierra Cross, Construction Administrator

“In Cierra’s short time at Adrenaline, she has exuded a passion for learning by jumping right in to client projects. She has been on the road and on site for these projects upwards of four times already and is the first to raise her hand and ask how she can help. The construction services team is very lucky to have her.” In addition to a love of learning, Cierra has a wide variety of things she is passionate about, including her family, reading, kayaking, and all things Taylor Swift.

Interested in joining the team at Adrenaline? Check out our careers page to view open roles and learn more about what it’s like to work at a company that’s leading change across the financial industry.

Adrenaline is an end-to-end brand experience company serving the financial industry. We move brands and businesses ahead by delivering on every aspect of their experience across digital and physical channels, from strategy through implementation. Our multi-disciplinary team works with leadership to advise on purpose, position, culture, and retail growth strategies. We create brands people love and engage audiences from employees to customers with story-led design and insights-driven marketing; and we design and build transformative brand experiences across branch networks, leading the construction and implementation of physical spaces that drive business advantage and make the brand experience real.

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