American Banker Taps Gina Bleedorn for Insights on Truist’s New Partnership with the NFL

Adrenaline’s Chief Experience Officer and Believe in Banking’s Editor-in-Chief talks about purpose-driven brands in banking and their stance on social justice

Thursday, January 21, 2021 – In the recent American Banker article Truist’s Marketing Pact with NFL Has Social Justice Hook, Adrenaline’s Chief Experience Officer and Believe in Banking’s Editor-in-Chief Gina Bleedorn describes how consumers are trending toward brands that take a stand. She says, “What we have all observed post-COVID is this hyper-acceleration of consumers trending hard to purpose-driven brands and even demanding purpose if brands don’t have them.”

By working to deepen connections with causes important to their audiences, financial brands like Truist are tapping into what Accenture labels as “purpose-driven banking.” It’s a shift Believe in Banking outlines it this way: “As people collectively reel from the dual crises of COVID and widespread social unrest, real human connection is at a premium – especially when it comes to a subject as emotionally weighty as personal finance.”

In the article, American Banker notes that companies and especially FIs are moving more toward creating connections with “big causes or movements” in the wake dual, nationwide challenges of a pandemic and racial injustice. As a way of building trust, Gina calls out this movement to mean more, saying, “In a way, this is making a statement about what their brand stands for. They haven’t done that in a big way. This is that way. It’s big, but I think it’s smart.”

See the full article in American Banker for more information on Truist’s partnership with the NFL. A leading provider of financial services information, American Banker engages decision-makers in banking with the latest news and industry insights from an authoritative community of analysts, practitioners, and innovators.

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