Adrenaline’s Outdoor Creative Honored with an ADDY Award

Experience design agency takes home an ADDY Award for Workers Credit Union “Bank Like a Big Wig” bus wrap

At a ceremony at Atlanta’s classic Fox Theatre, the Atlanta Ad Club held its annual ADDY Awards celebration. According to the Atlanta Ad Club, “It wasn’t so long ago that we saw chatbots, Alexas and Siris as the future of our world. But it went too far when they started coming for our jobs. On February 22 at The Fox Theatre, the 2018 Atlanta Advertising Awards (The ADDYs) celebrated Atlanta’s best-in-class advertising and the day human creativity prevailed.” With creative houses across the city submitting hundreds of entries, the competition is stiff across Atlanta, the Southeast’s creative hub. Winning an ADDY award is a mark of some of the most inspired approaches to client communications. 

Partnering with Workers Credit Union, Adrenaline created the Bank Like a Big Wig campaign, intentionally upending everything about financial services advertising. The agency’s creative minds hatched a hair-brained scheme to produce a fresh take on banking. With branches across suburban Boston, Workers wanted a distinctive campaign focused on service, while overcoming any confusion associated with its name. Born from the straightforward tagline “Bank like a Big Wig,” the campaign hilariously transforms members from ordinary blue and white-collar workers into literal big wigs.


Bus wraps featured outlines of the big wigs for people to intentionally, or unintentionally, become a big wig. The absurdity of these massive, Victorian-era, powdered white wigs served as the unique and effective visual device to instantly help the campaign stand out against the typical starchy art most common in financial advertising. From a creative standpoint, the Adrenaline team translated the Workers Credit Union value proposition into an unforgettable, unexpected visual metaphor that breaks through the standard advertising clutter.

Founded in 1909, the Atlanta Ad Club serves the greater Atlanta advertising community. Affiliated with the American Advertising Federation, the club is the southeastern hub for the creative community. For more information about creative campaigns, contact us at

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